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Angel by James Patterson
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Mar 10, 11

(sad sigh)
You know how some books make you squeal in delight once you buy them, even if you know bad things are going to happen in that book? You just have to be happy, because you love the series and the characters and you know it'll all be alright, even if you also have an inkling that some of the main characters are going to die?
Yeah. I don't feel that anymore for this series.
The first three books, they were great. The series could have--and maybe should have--ended there. And why? Because the enemy was the School. They were a believable foe, someone you know you hate but are glad for, in a way, because they'll always be there to rip your guts open. Now, though, I have honestly no idea who the enemy is anymore. (Well, I know Angel is an antagonist. I mean, she's betrayed the flock time after time, and they're all gullible enough to take her back, just waiting to see what evil thing she'll do next.) Anyway, the enemy was global warming, I think. Then it was Mr. Chu. Then it was the guy who created Dylan. Now it's, I don't know, people who want to kill the human race, and for good reason I might add. You don't know if Jeb is good or evil, although if you look at his personality, he may care for Max, but he's evil to the core.
I wish I could get all my frustrations out but it's kind of wordless, ya know? There's only one more thing I have to say: Mr. Patterson, let the series come to an end. The books are fine, but the characters are...well, not. RIP Maximum RIde.

Oh, and that whole "Save the planet: Kill the humans" thing sounds a lot like what Jeb's group of evil cohorts tried to do with the half and half plan or whatever it's called.
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