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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
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Nov 11, 2010

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Recommended for: fans of vampire and wrecked romance


Rose Hathaway. I used to like you because you're really awesome and fierce. But then Last Sacrifice came, and you became pathetic.

So the last book of the Vampire Academy Series continues the cliffhanger left to us. Rose is accused of murder, Dimitri is now a dhampir again and Lissa actually has a mystery sibling.

Ok, out of the VA books, i like this a little bit better than Spirit Bound. However since I more cons than pros, i'll start with the pro:

-good action, even if a little random
-great characters and you can clearly that they have developed and matured compared from the first book. (except for Rose)
-the romance and tension still exists (though the word "romance" in this book is like a double-edged sword)
-mysteries along the way, though it did take a predictable route towards the end.
-many things are solved (but allows some loose ends)
-Lissa actually took responsibility for something that she doesn't exactly like, and wants to avoid, because she knows it's something she must do. I don't totally buy that they would (view spoiler) though.
-a happy ending, of some sort.

And it ends there.

-Rose lost half of my respect (still loved her in a way, but i can only say that when i'm pretending Last Sacrifice doesn't exist)I like the Rose on the first 3 books (and half of Blood Promise) but from Spirit Bound to here she just...lost it. Seriously. I mean, even me can figure out what's the difference between cheating and 'giving love' to people. When she broke up with Adrian she dismissed it as that Adrian needs to grow more and understand that what he needs right now is to not make Rose her crutch as a motivation for doing things.
Here's the passage:
"You said you were a victim. That's why...that's why ultimately, you and I aren't matched for each other. In spite of everything that's happened, i never thought myself that way. Being a victim means you're powerless. That you won't take action. Always...always i've done something to fight for myself...for others. No matter what." pg.580

Is that the words coming from a hypocrite? Isn't Rose also motivated by Dimitri? (going to Russia, being a serious guardian, etc.) And now she spits out that Adrian is like that?! I'm sorry, Rose, but just because he can't kick Strigoi ass like Dimitri, he did many, many things for you. What happened to that appreciation? And why can't you just break up with him like normal? Why did you even have to cheat with Dimitri?
I also felt that the consequences' effects didn't reach her. What happened to Christian? Why didn't she comfort him? IT'S HIS BELOVED AUNT FOR GOSH SAKES THAT SHE TURNED IN.

-I don't like Dimitri anymore. Sorry, but now I don't. I would actually prefer if he died in Russia, right when Rose staked him. Not because I grew tired of him, but because he also lost half of my respect. Okay, so you preached Rose throughout the book, but. One. Single.Freaking.Time. You couldn't apply yourself that moral?

-Let's say that it really did get predictable towards the end. Of course, not everyone can be happy, so Ms. Mead decided to leave Adrian miserable and feeling betrayed while Christian's still taking in the fact that his aunt's a murderer. And what does Rose get for an ending? A happy ending with Dimitri, a high position as the queen's bodyguard, and seeing her family again. Wow.

You must be really happy now Rose.
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message 1: by Gemma (last edited May 31, 2012 09:59PM) (new)

Gemma I had to comment, just to say thanks for putting into words my extreme annoyance with Rose in the last two VA books. I didn't bother writing a review of Last Sacrifice, but I too was let down by Rose's morphing into a total bitch and Dimitri's transformation into a complete sap.

And despite not being an Adrian fan at the time, I got totally insulted on his behalf and started muttering that he deserved better than Rose. Have you read Bloodlines? Surprisingly I adored it, and Adrian :)

Nicole Haha, thea author just made this book...meh. I have to read bloodlines so many times, but i never got the chance. I'll try my luck maybe next week :)

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