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Primal by Lora Leigh
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Feb 09, 2011

really liked it
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Read from January 25 to 30, 2011

Bleeding Heart by Michelle Rowen

Please note: Bleeding Heart contains spoilers related to the first book in the series, Nightshade.

Bleeding Heart picks up a few days after Nightshade ends. Declan’s friend tells them of a Dr. Reynolds who has stated he could help get the poisonous Nightshade serum out of Jill’s veins. Jill was injected with Nightshade, a deadly poison to vampires. It gives her spells of being nauseous and the black, ink-like substance that runs through her veins has turned her hair and eyes dark. Fearing it might one day kill her, Declan and Jill are desperate to find a cure. Meeting with Dr. Reynolds however will bring its own string of problems.

I really loved Nightshade, so I was very eager to read this short story. It doesn’t necessarily further this story arc, but I don’t really expect an anthology to do so. I actually would be angry if something big happens in an anthology because I don’t always pick them up. This story gives us a few tense moments, which Jill and Declan have learned is pretty much their life now. We also get a glimpse of Declan, struggling with his emotions, or I should say lack thereof. Being given a permanent serum at the end of Nightshade, he lacks feeling. He is extremely protective over Jill, he just can’t return her love. And in this short story we see how patient and willing Jill is to wait for her beloved Declan’s heart to find her own.

Rating: B

Skin & Bone by Ava Gray

The Skin series by Ava Gray is one of the more unique paranormal series out there, and Skin & Bone is a very strong addition. It is my favorite out of this anthology. Silas (who we first meet in Skin Tight) has escaped the Foundation prison, where he was kept for five years. He has a “special” talent just like everyone else who was kept and experimented on and now he is on the run. Knowing the Foundation won’t give up, he doesn’t stay in one place long. While in Ecuador, an earthquake devastates the city he is in, and he finds Juneau, injured in rubble. Freeing her, they become a team helping others and organizing supplies until the Red Cross can appear. Both are use to being alone, but they have found an ally in the other, and decide to take a chance on their future.

Ava Gray does a great job giving us a believable love story with a hero and heroine that has no past history in a story less than 100 pages. Silas has a violent past, but after the earthquake, he finds himself helping people, playing the hero, a role he is not used to. It stuns him to be on the “good” side and he likes it. Juneau doesn’t look upon him with fear or uncertainty as so many do. She is alone in life just like him – they are both survivors in a sense, and they bond over that. Juneau is bold and I love that about her. She soon finds out Silas’s secret, and together must survive.

Ava Gray also gives us a very, very hot sex scene is this book. That added with some great action and two characters that jump right off the page, I have no complaints.

Rating: A-

Angel-Claimed by Jory Strong

Let me just start by saying I have never read Jory Strong and I was very confused by this story. The scion Corinne has gone missing, and it is up to Sajia, a servant to the vampires to find her. Sajia lives in a world ruled by ruthless vampires. Addai is a Djinn, and after thousands of years, his mate has been reborn. She will have no memories of him however. When Addai finds the girl (Sajia), although she thinks she is human, she is really a Djinn trapped in a human form. He must convince her she is destined for him.

Like I said, this story confused me. If you have read previous Jory Strong books, then this one might flow quite well for you. Besides a lot of characters and events happening that made me scratch my head, I didn’t love the romance scenes between the hero and heroine. The hero just didn’t appeal to me at all.

Rating: D

Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh

Kita Engalls, is an heir to a pharmaceutical empire, and has her own bodyguard in Creed Raines. Her father is not on good terms with the Breeds and fears Kita will be used against him with by the Breeds. Although he promised her he wouldn’t move against them, his behavior is pointing the other way.

Creed Raines is working undercover as Engall’s security specialist. He is slowing replacing Engall’s men with his men. He knows her father is an expert at betrayal, and is patiently waiting for that to happen.

This is the first Breeds book I have read. Yes, I know I have totally failed in the Lora Leigh department. I really liked this one – although the Breeds world seems immense and there are something like 23 books before this one, it is a pretty straight forward romantic story. Maybe romantic is a bit mushy, because holy wow the sex scenes are pretty intense in this one. Have I really been missing these sex scenes all my life? This definitely needs to be resolved!

Rating: B

Overall, this is a pretty solid anthology. I think everyone will enjoy the stories by Ava Gray and Lora Leigh. If you haven’t read Nightshade, you will want to do so first before reading Michelle Rowen’s addition. The Jory Strong story did nothing for me, but again, I have not read her Ghostland series (I am assuming this novella belongs to that series).

Overall Rating: B
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message 1: by Kristie (new) - added it

Kristie Hey Mandi! I'm looking forward to this book myself. Can't wait to see your review. Happy reading.

Mandi Schreiner Thanks! It looks like some great authors :)

Tina I pretty much agreed with you on this book and the anthology. I didn't even finish the Jory Strong one. Couldn't get past the first few pages.

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orannia Great reviews Mandi! I've...stopped reading the Lora Leigh books. I did, but they started feeling the same , as did the heroines.

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