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The Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton
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Nov 09, 2010

really liked it
Read in October, 2010

The Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton was a fabulous read. Or maybe I should say it was a “fanfreakingtastic” read to quote our main character Ashley. I would say that was her signature phrase and I seriously giggled every time she said it. Reminded me of some dialogue I like to carry on with my nieces involving the word burritoful (don’t think you can steal it either *wink*).

This is the first book I’ve read by Brighton, and I was quite glad it came my way. Especially with such yummy male characters. You all know my fondness for yumminess, especially in the form of muscly men.

Which brings me to my character section of the review:

First off we have our main character Ashley who is stubborn beyond any possible reason, but she also sees ghosts. I kind of felt bad for her because she seems to think she has serious issues because of it. I don’t know, I guess I’d like to think that if I grew up seeing ghosts my parentals would have been supportive instead of telling me I was totally nuts. No….I’m dead serious….(pun intended). But, not our Ashley. She won’t fess up to it to anybody for the longest time. But still, she seems strong and not super whiny which is always nice in a female character.

Then we have the ghosts. Oh yes, the ghosts. I actually really liked them. I wish there would have been more reference to them with dialogue including them in the book, they were that fun. Especially a very sexy ghost by the name of Devon that I wouldn’t mind if he haunted me a bit! *prrrrrr*

Lastly we have our dearest wickedly sexy man…..Christian. Man, there is a body I would like to run my hands all over (and my tongue for that matter). Can we say sex on a stick!! Christian was our main male character who right off the bat you know is supernatural and definitely up to no good. And….he possibly has no heart. Well, not literally, he just isn’t really the feeling type. Or is he? *dun dun dun dun: cue evil music* He was such a confusing character that I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to see what he would do. Crafty fellow that one!

Not only were the characters enjoyable, so was the plot. It was intense and quite surprising. I never knew quite what would happen next which is something that I enjoy in books. Predictable is too easy, I like a book to make me think.

So, I guess in conclusion, with a very fascinating and suspenseful plot, lovely characters, crazy possessed basements, sexy ghosts, freaking awesome swords and a super sweet back tattoo, you’ll want to give this book a read of your own.

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