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The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
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Nov 09, 2010

bookshelves: fantasy, feminism, historical-alt-hist, vampires
Read in November, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I liked them but, sometimes I really didn't like them. The first book had an awful lot of aggressive sexual stuff. I was like "I don't need to know this much about your penis, thanks." But then when there is HAPPY sex in the third book, it's totally fade to black. I'm just saying that I think Ms. Bishop should seek some kind of counseling or something. Maybe.

Also I really liked the idea that the human world was so corrupted that Hell was the happy place for a child. Saetan kicked ass all over the place and stuff. [Except at the end when he randomly decided he didn't trust Daemon, even though he had way more reason not to trust him in the first book but he did. That seemed weird. And then he started dating Sylvia which was out of nowhere and weird. (Obviously Tersa was awesomer, I'm just saying.)] But sometimes it made me wonder how this guy got to become the Lord of Hell in the first place, you know? What kind of Lord of Hell hangs out with unicorns, I mean? IDK. I did kind of tear up when Lorn said that he was the child of his soul. I was like Aww. Saetan.

And was I the only one who totally that Surreal and Lucivar were going to hook up? And then in the third book it was "Meet Lucivar's random son and wife who I've never mentioned before!" I was like, "Um what now?" You could at least lead up to that somehow. There were some bits that were way too much detail, like maybe Jaenelle and Lucivar fighting the Jhinka and some stuff she just totally skipped for no reason. ALSO! If the Jhinka thing was supposed to be a trap for Lucivar, then why did it happen DAYS after the trap for Jaenelle? I mean, that's just poor evil villain-ing on Hekatah's part. She was never a very scary villain.

I wasn't sure I liked Daemon as a hero in the first book. I know Anne Bishop was trying to say "See, he really is nice" by how he was good to Kartane and Surreal when they were kinds. But there was something about how he turned on them as soon as both of them reached maturity that made me think he was a pedophile. Was I the only one who got that vibe at first?!? And then when it was clear he didn't want to sleep with Jaenelle when she was young still I was like "Oh phew because I was worried."

AND WHAT HAPPENED TO JAENELLE'S SISTER?!? Like the whole first half of the third book was about how her family snuck into the kingdom and tried to get Jaenelle and her sister back, but then Wilhelmina was drugged and Surreal saved her but then WE NEVER SAW HER AGAIN. Seriously, I thought she might've died of drug overdose or something. It would've been nice to have some more references to Jaenelle trying to re-establish that relationship or something. IDK because once her family was gone she was kind of Mary Sue-ing all over the place with her amazing Witch powers and pretty eyes and ability to talk to unicorns or whatevs. I kind of liked it when they said she was disgusting or unstable or weird, because it made me feel emotions for her. Would've liked to see her having trouble with calling shoes and stuff for longer. Nod.

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