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Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke
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Nov 09, 10

bookshelves: erotic-science-fiction-romance
Read in November, 2010

Violent, frequent, painful rape may be a turn-on for some, but it’s not for everyone. It’s mostly about sex, but the sci-fi story is ok.

Throughout the book, the heroine is forced to do things that are painful, uncomfortable, or humiliating and to suffer bad situations. In the first sex scene she is kidnapped and fights two men who handcuff her and forcibly rape her (rear door). It’s painful. She is forced to do her job as pilot wearing no underwear and a skirt so short that other crew members see her nakedness. When undercover as a slave, two girls want to have sex with Victoria. She is repulsed and refuses. But her undercover partner is amused and forces her to do it. All of this was hard for me to take. She is constantly forced to do things against her will. Yet she desires the two men who repeatedly rape her. Apparently this is her subconscious desire to be submissive. I had trouble with the rapes. They were frightening. I would never want to experience this, but it was physically arousing for me which I don’t want to admit. Some readers may be disgusted.

Victoria is a great fighter and a great nav-pilot. But because most of the things that happen to her are against her will, there is a helpless feeling to the book. The heroine is never in control – always a victim. Throughout the book I was uncomfortable.

I was angry with one of the events. Victoria is pretending to be Seht’s slave on an undercover mission. Because of her slave status, he must protect her. But he doesn’t do his job when he allows her to be separated from him, and something horrible happens to her. I was angry. This was just one more instance of something bad happening to her against her will. Seht’s reason for allowing the separation was stupid and unnecessary. I felt like the author should have come up with something better if she wanted this to happen to Victoria. I did not like it happening.

On the positive side, the story had some interesting world building – ideas that were new and different. But I don’t know if I want to read any more of this series. There isn’t much character or relationship development. Lust creates relationships. There is a lot of graphic, explicit group sex, men with men, women with women, bondage, whipping, pain, blood, and urine. Rear door sex is the norm with very little regular sex.

I was disappointed with the cover picture. Seht has long silver hair and pointed ears, but the cover guy has short blond hair and normal ears. Victoria is shown in a teddy (lingerie) which is not what she wore in the book.

Victoria is a starship nav-pilot for the Imperium. A computer mechanism is implanted in in her. To pilot a ship, she opens her mind and links with the ship’s computer. They have conversations. She respects and cares for them, and they respond well to her. More than once, a captain does not listen to her and abandons ship, but she is able to save the ship which makes the captain look bad. Throughout the fleet, it is tradition for captains to rape their crew members with rear door sex. Victoria has been able to avoid that due to her fighting abilities.

Ravnos is captain of a mercenary ship. He kidnaps Victoria, rapes her in the captain’s way and forces her to be his nav-pilot. Seht is his first officer. Seht participates in the rapes of Victoria. There is frequent sex among the three of them. Moraine is planning to destroy a ship whose computer is named Arcane. Ravnos has been hired by the Imperium to get possession of Arcane before it’s destroyed. Ravnos wants Victoria to go onto that ship and let Arcane come into her body to bring him back. The only way for Victoria to get to that ship is to go undercover as a slave owned by Seht.

Story length: 477 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: 15. Estimated number of sex scene pages: 101. Setting: in the future on spaceships and a space station. Ebook published: 2004. Copyright: 2006. Genre: erotic science fiction romance.
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message 1: by Sans (new)

Sans Love the review, Jane. Very honest and open.

Jane Stewart Sometimes I think I'm too picky. Thanks for writing.

message 3: by Sans (new)

Sans Not at all! If you can articulate what you did or did not like, or even what you unwillingly liked, it's always helpful to folks reading your reviews. This sounds like a bodice ripper in space and that's exactly what I've been looking for, so you've helped me immensely. ^_^

Jane Stewart Thanks Sans. I feel better about all my picky negatives. I'm delighted you're interested. You're right. Its a bodice ripper in space!

ElaineY I'm rereading this now, I think for the 3rd time:), and will post a review. I love this series and wish it would come out in audio! Agree with you about the cover - these book artists obviously aren't given any info to work with. I'd have thought this would be the practice.

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