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Forgetfulness by Ward Just
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May 02, 2008

it was ok
Recommended for: Don DeLillo fans
Read in May, 2008

The good news: I finished it.
The bad news: I really shouldn't have.

It's hard to pan a book that is reviewed and received so well. While I was reading this book, and for the most part being bored to tears, I kept thinking "re-read that part, focus more, get into it goddam it! it's supposed to be good." For a long time I was hesitant to give up on this book b/c I didn't want to feel like a failure and a quitter. So I finished. Sort of. Okay, toward the end it's all just more of the same so I skipped a bunch. Fuck it. It's a book. It's not a pet, or a person, or a job. It's a book with a fancy stamp on it. And what do they (the stampers)know anyway? The truth of the matter is the back cover promises more than the pages betwixt the covers delivers. I was misled. It wasn't, as the Atlantic Monthly suggests, "suspense of the highest order." But rather, I would suggest, nonsense of the highest order.

Dear Ward,

Why are you telling me this? Isn't this book supposed to be about some mystery surrounding Florette's death? And Thomas's CIA connections? And don't we find out in the middle of the book her death wasn't much of a mystery, and that he wasn't all that connected? And yet still you go on, and on, and on.

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Shelly I don't think I'm gonna finish this. I gave up once, read the back cover again, was attracted to it all over again, and now it's just...seems like maybe the description on the back cover really belongs to some other book. Like maybe there was a mishap at the printers. ?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Shelly, love the review, hate the dig on Delillo...

Shelly David, thanks. Sorry about the DeLillo remark. I ain't afraid to say he's a bit over my head. I tried to read The Names on my own and simply couldn't get through it. Then later, in college, was forced to read it and realized via class discussion and my professor's comments it was far more interesting than I was giving it credit for.
It'd probably be the same w/ this book.
White Noise looks good.

message 4: by tee (new)

tee "Okay, toward the end it's all just more of the same so I skipped a bunch. Fuck it. It's a book. It's not a pet, or a person, or a job."

Hehe, I love that. I need to use that approach more often for books that I feel that I am wasting my time with. Instead, I always diligently plug on to the end. Then throw the book and regret having wasted my time (for that weird unwritten 'rule' that says one must always finish a book).

I struggle with DeLillo too. I tried reading 'Underworld' and my brain hurt after a while. 'White Noise' does look good (better?), however, so I might try that next.

Shelly Thanks Chai! If you do pick up White Noise before I do let me know how it goes!

message 6: by Michael James (last edited Nov 13, 2010 03:57PM) (new) - added it

Michael James Bajacan I've had this book for almost 2 years now. I bought it on a book sale 'cause I thought it was good. I tried to read it a couple of times but I tend to lose interest after a couple of chapters. not sure when I'm gonna finish it.

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