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Blackbringer by Laini Taylor
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Nov 07, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2011

This was Laini Taylore's debut book, a couple years old now, but in a YA market inundated with faeries and special destinies, this is the most unique and imaginative thing I've seen.

Magpie Windwitch is a young faerie who, even as a lass, has taken it upon herself to hunt down and catch the devils Mannies are releasing from bottles. Foolish Mannies don't have any clue about the magical world.

And the saddest part for Magpie, is that even faeries are forgetting their origins, and how to use the magic that once made them so great. Magpie alone dreams of experiencing the same greatness of the Dawn Days, when the Jinn first dreamed the world, or of being like her heroine, Belatrix, who was the Jinn's champions in the great Devil Wars.

No one has that kind of power now.

So when the Mannies release a devil unlike any other devil in existence, one cloaked in blackness that unmakes his victims and is hunting down the Jinn, there's nobody left to stop this devil from unmaking the world.

No one, that is, except little Magpie Windwitch.

Laini Taylor has to be one of the most talented authors I've seen. You fall instantly in love with Magpie and her band of raucous crows, who act like a bunch of gruff, unsophisticated old men who love Magpie to death. And Magpie herself is this wild, untamed pre-teen who is so passionate and determined that you want to root for her all the way. I loved how this book was plotted and how naturally Laini revealed backstory to us--her worlbuilding is phenomenal! And the minor characters, like Poppy, Talon, Pup--they were all so well done.

So yes, I could rave and rave and rave about this book. A few things hinted that this was Laini's debut--we get a lot of switching to secondary-POV characters that just feels like distractions, and I felt like the ending came a tad too easy (or too fast? Or maybe I just wanted more oomph?) but so many other things were done so well, that you just don't mind those other minor details.

I know Laini Taylore is not the kind of author you see plastered all over the place, and I know drawn/painted cover art can be an indicator of yuckiness, but I'm convinced Laini is actually just under-promoted and that if you read her stuff, you'll realize just how good she is.

(Very good, fyi.)

Five stars all the way.

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03/19/2011 "okay so, I was a little reluctant to pick up Laini Taylor, but that was incredibly daft of me. Her originality is such a breath of fresh air! And her imagination sweeps you along. Reading this like nuts."
03/24/2011 "captivated and hurtling toward the ending. This book is gorgeous, and Laini Taylor has me officially hooked on her writing."

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