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Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber
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Nov 07, 2010

it was ok
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Vampire Kisses Books 1-3
While geared toward the younger of the YA population this was still a fun read. A goth girl who dreams of being a vampire finally meets a boy vampire and the first thing she wants to do is expose them to the paper so she can prove that there are vampires and they are wonderful creatures? So, she guesses....humm can you say alittle backwards can you imagen what would happen if she went to the press with that....use your imagination and write below...

So, that is the first book now for the second and third which are in one handy volume with the first. These books were written years ago and like with other books have been slapped with a new cover and put out again and they are gold lol...wonderful. I have to say the new cover is slightly more appealing but they did well with the old.

Book Two brings an unhappy evil vampire that wishes to take Raven as his own for eternity because her BF vampire scorned his sister who was gasp....born human (what a horrid thought) well, i don't know about you but getting married to a girl hardly seems befitting of a form of revenge but then again when it means you will never be with your true love again could be a bad thing but its a sucky deal for the revenger he stuck with someone he doesn't love...dum dum dummmm....don't fret kittys there are more books so that obviously spells no doom for our gothic beauty.

okay i think my point is made while childish still a fun read...who said books are suppose to be realistic isn't that the point to escape ..or as dorie would say es ca pe reality for a while. Go ahead read the first three books....ill spoil the rest of the series for ya later...


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