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Blackout by Rob Thurman
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Mar 02, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2011, supernatural
Read from March 01 to 02, 2011

"I might have lost my mind, but the killing part of me works just fine."
"Yes, that was fortunate, the venom affecting what you use the least."

Waking up without memories of your real self, might not be the worst thing in the world.

Monster killer? Yes. Bad guy? Who knows.

Cal's forgotten who he is. Waking on a beach with only monster spiders (dead) for company. After a lifetime of getting his arse kicked by every monster in the world this might not have been the worst thing for him.

A gingham apron and a haircut- maybe.

Of course Niko and Goodfellow are looking for him, which leads quickly to the puck's new fork-phobia.

New Cal, some things have changed, others not so much. Laziness and sarcasm, those he remembers. His life, his brother, the Auphe he's forgotten. (Though he still hates mirrors - love that detail)
New Cal can try to be who who he wants to be and he wants to be good. He's a killer, he knows that, but he wants to believe he only kills when he has to.

There's always been an innocence behind the sarcasm and anger. Cal's an honest narrator in his own way, jaded though he is. For a while we get to see a glimpse of who he might have been if he was all human. The happy Cal, or well- the happyish Cal. It reminded me of Nightlife - the change in narator that was Cal but not Cal.

Possibly it's for the best, but he's still not our Cal. Niko can see this and he's torn. The scene where he tells Cal he isn't his brother is shocking simply because of who they are and equally heartbreaking, especially when we get to see Niko's involvement in all this (completly shocking). He wants Cal to be happy, but he wants his brother, warts and all, or Auphe and all. Nik struggles almost as much as Cal does, missing his true brother (still- don't let Cal pick out a tattoo for you)

I love the way we see all this through Cal's eyes. He has no idea who he is and what's coming but we do, we know that it's going to be really hard on him when he does find out.
He wakes up thinking all monsters should die, but who's the biggest monster of all? The first, the most bad-ass?

It's not as simple as just loosing his memory though - an Egyptian god is sucking the life out of Weres and Vampires. And she wants Cal.

Goodfellow is on form with his monogamy cards and gratuitous nakedness ("Fuck me! No, wait- I didn't mean that")
Promise makes a small show as a sad cartoon vampire. I didn't miss her that much to be honest.
Delilah is back as the love to hate her alpha bitch, definitely not so friendly any more.
Wahanket - gees I actually feel sorry for the killer mummy, kinda, just a little, almost.

Overall - loved it. Cal as ever is a brilliant narrator full of sarcasm and angst. I'm a sucker for amnesia stories I have to admit and this is one done really well.

"I also had a flamethrower. Of all the things I'd found out so far... I liked that the most."

Also the epilogue is insane! I'd heard her say - wait for the epilogue- and it did't disappoint - it freaked me right out, holy shit, the tension.

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29.0% "He has reason to be wary of promise though"
31.0% "Cal's innocence is really showing, sweetie, i kinda don't want him to get his memory back. Its gonna be hard on him"
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40.0% "All the self loathing is heartbreaking but Im glad he's glad he has a flamethrower"
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70.0% "Nik and the toothpaste!! I can see why, but I wasn't expecting that. Not working too well though"
79.0% "So far off the deep end there Caliban"

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