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All Clear by Connie Willis
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Sep 24, 2013

bookshelves: fiction, science-fiction, time-travel, read-in-my-40s, loved-it
Recommended to Jon by: Jamie Collins
Read from November 07 to 11, 2010 , read count: 1

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11/07/2010 page 1
11/07/2010 page 45
7.0% "'One does not conduct deceptions merely to deceive. It is a kind of game, but a kind of game played in deadly earnest for compelling reasons and with dangerous consequences.' -- WWII British Secret Intelligence Service Manual"
11/07/2010 page 46
7.0% "May have found an historical research mistake or anomaly: Character Ernest in Kent (April 1944) to meet the queen, he refers to her as 'Queen Elizabeth' but she's eight years away from her coronation." 4 comments
11/08/2010 page 85
13.0% "'Do not tell the enemy anything. Hide your food and your bicycles. Hide your maps.' -- Public Information Booklet, 1940"
11/08/2010 page 92
14.0% "'I can't believe we will ever get away with this.' -- Christopher Harner, on seeing the plan for Fortitude South, 1944"
11/08/2010 page 100
15.0% "'Ultra was decisive.' -- Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower"
11/08/2010 page 111
17.0% "'In wartime the truth is so important it must be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies.' -- Winston Churchill, in a speech at Bletchley Park"
11/08/2010 page 124
19.0% "'Don't leave it to others.' -- Air Raid Precautions poster, 1940 ... Oxford--April, 2060 ... finally getting back to the future several hundred pages later!"
11/09/2010 page 214
33.0% "'Happy Blitzmas!' -- Christmas Card, 1940"
11/09/2010 page 232
35.0% "'In war, time is all important.' -- Sir Walter Thomas Layton, Ministry of Supply, 1940"
11/09/2010 page 260
40.0% "'It's going to be a warm night.' -- Fireman, 29 December 1940"
11/09/2010 page 290
44.0% "Eileen meets her favorite author without realizing it." 4 comments
11/09/2010 page 349
53.0% "'Boyfriends were more important than bombs.' -- Translator at Bletchley Park"
11/10/2010 page 402
61.0% "'I have got to know the worst, and to face it.' -- Sir J.M. Barrie, The Admiral Crichton"
11/10/2010 page 419
64.0% "'The flowers are turning very red. Repeat. The flowers are turning very red.' -- Coded BBC message broadcast by the French Resistance before D-Day"
11/10/2010 page 426
65.0% "'What the bloody hell are you doing here, Kansas?'"
11/10/2010 page 471
72.0% "'Just waiting, waiting, waiting till your number came up. . . .' -- War correspondent in a holding camp before D-Day"
11/11/2010 page 491
75.0% "'I cannot overemphasize the importance of maintaining as long as humanly possible the Allied threat to the Pas-de-Calais area.' -- General Dwight D. Eisenhower, June 1944"
11/11/2010 page 525
80.0% "'If an air raid warning be received during the performance the audience will be informed from the stage.' -- Notice in theater program, 1940"
11/11/2010 page 542
83.0% "'There just isn't any way we're gonna live through this things.' -- Navigator Lieutenant Lou Baber, 467th Bombardment Group"
11/11/2010 page 629
96.0% "'Well, come on. Let's see if there's still a war going on.' -- General George S. Patton, 6 July 1944"
11/11/2010 page 656
100.0% 2 comments

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Shellie (Layers of Thought) Dog gone it - she was signing books down town just a few weeks ago but I missed it. Two five stars.. wow!

message 2: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon You must live to the west of me in Colorado. :)

BTW, I only gave Blackout four stars, mostly because it ended in a cliff hanger (and the second book wasn't published for several months ... torture!).

Shellie (Layers of Thought) Yes I noted that.... that's why I said two five stars lol....yes Westish and Southish....we are in AZ... :)

Tina Can't understand why you loved this so much. The characters were flat, it was packed with repetition, and there were so many inconsistencies. I lost patience after the first chapter. The book needed editing badly, and maybe by chopping 300 pages it would have been a good read. But as it stands it was far from exceptional.

message 5: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon I love long epic sagas. I love Connie Willis' writing. I don't agree the characters were flat. And the theme behind the characters inspired.

Stephanie Swint I'm so glad you enjoyed this book. It is one of my favorites. I enjoy these character so much I found myself mourning the fact there was not to be a third.

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