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Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink
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May 22, 2015

it was amazing
Read in February, 2011

NOTE: Old Review!

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Prophecy of the Sisters is seriously unlike any book I've read about. It's original, dark and mysterious...
It really made me think of two book series I loved, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray and The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel by Michael Scott. Why?

a) the Setting's in the 1800's-ish (at least I thought it was) – Like the Gemma Doyle books.
b) Includes elements of magic and realms – Like both series.
c) TWINS! – The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel.
d) Awesome book series – YUP. You got it. ALL books :).

The story sets off pretty dramatically. It really grabbed me into the story...the funeral as well as (maybe) the cute boy who talks to Lia. Okay, fine. I'll admit, I WAS curious about the boy, but the first few pages were really interesting in terms of the plot, as it starts with a big event which is amazingly portrayed. I loved the language here people! It just...spoke to me. Beckoned me to it's pages (Read More Rabiah! Read More!) and as I went on, I loved it. I swear my instincts of an amazing book will always go up at the beginning. If the first sentence isn't funny or dramatic or noticeable in anyway, forget it.

I was sometimes lost in the plot, that I had no idea who was who and what was going on. Like when they discussed the roles of the Guardian etc. and Heaven and Hell, I just got confused who was talking and what they were talking about. Thank God, though, that this was only some tiny bits of the book so I could generally kinda skip forward, only catching main bits, and continue on with the story.

Lia was a very well developed and thought out character. I love the details of her emotions and her relationship with her sister Alice, her friends, her aunt and James. It's all very deep and you really get that profound feeling to the character, and really get to know her. Her relationship with Alice, of course is changing throughout the course of the book and of course we see her struggling to see who she could trust.
Alice is one very malicious character, definitely one that I wouldn't like to meet. From her strangeness in her character right from the beginning we can see that clearly, she is up to no good. But then, she shows a softer side, the side that Lia can look to and trust. But then, things aren't what they seem to be...

I (mentally) cried at one part of the book. It was just so sad what happens at the waterfall! I'm not giving it away, but just telling you, it isn't fair :( It was seriously a very emotional and painful moment for the characters and it just hit me. I was like, WHAT?!?!? I seriously wish that it never happened in the book. But then of course, we wouldn't see that amazing feeling the characters generate towards this event and it just makes the book even more enjoyable...in a sense that it's a great book, not that the feeling of the part above was enjoyable...because it wasn't.

Overall, Prophecy of the Sisters is an original epic story about magic and realms and worlds beyond out beliefs. For lovers of Magic, Realms and of course, Prophecies, this book is SO for you. Libba Bray and Michael Scott Fans, who loved these authors series as much as I do, listen to me and READ THIS BOOK! You'll love it, trust me :). With twists and turns so shocking, the truth is so close and yet so far. After all, you can trust no one...
I Can't wait to get my hands on the next book, Guardian of the Gate!

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