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Bumped by Megan McCafferty
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Apr 20, 2011

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Read from March 29 to April 20, 2011

I knew as soon as I finished this book I would need some time to think about how to review it. And I found myself kinda speechless. And I was really glad to find that I was not alone! But here we go: My first impressions while reading where shock, disgust, humor, and sad. I think the thing is this is a dystopian novel, although the world where your selling your body as a surrogate is not completely unknown to us but the immense inhumanity that came through the way it was handled disturbed me. Other things that disturbed me were the religious aspect and the adultery, lying, money hungry, jiggalo's and paparazzi. The part that had me the most heart broken was that these girls are genetically tested early in life for the likely-hood of having healthy children, not just healthy but then they are matched up to have the babies look as much like the paying parents as possible by mixing and matching the teens to "breed" together. The bumping contracts begin early in life, the girls are treated as a business deal than human beings. Girls can also choose to bump with boys that they are not contracted to bump with but the kids seem less likely to be bought from unmatched coupling.
It all leads to a society that has a very messed up sense of sex, marriage and family. The emotions are strong, raw and very real.
It was an intense read for me. And I honestly think that I barely touched on what the story has to offer. I can definitely see this one getting banned. There is a lot of religious views expressed, a lot of controversial behavior and several things that can lead to some healthy discussions and our views towards teenage pregnancy and how it has become popularized by television and reality shows.
I do not want to discourage anybody to pick this one up, I actually recommend that you do. I think it was a life changing book for me, this is one I will never forget. This book is going to be a topic for discussion and highly debated. May just make the next banned book list....and that is a very good thing. Even though the religious aspect and the business side of the whole thing made me very uncomfortable I do believe it can lead to very healthy conversations.
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Chrissy YAY! I think I'm reading this next too!

Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) Chrissy wrote: "YAY! I think I'm reading this next too!"

Oh I did a happy dance when I saw my email saying I could download this, I've been waiting and very excited

message 3: by Kelly (new) - added it

Kelly Can't wait to see what your think. I'm not too sure about this book.

Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) well have to say I was a little put off by all the religious content, my review will be up within the week

message 1: by Kenya (new) - added it

Kenya Wright wow! Great review! I'm interested!!

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