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Midnight Brunch by Marta Acosta
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Feb 27, 08

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy, romance_and_erotica, supernatural, 2008
Read in February, 2008

This book was such a surprise. When I first glanced at it, it seemed very chick lit-esque, which usually isn't my kind of thing. But, it was $3.00 in the sale pile at Borders and when I flipped through it, the dialogue seemed funny and snappy. I thought "oh what the hell" and went for it. I'm so glad I did.

Midnight Brunch is actually the sequel to Acosta's first book, Happy Hour at Castle Dracula (which I now want to get my hands on). Our heroine, Milagro de Los Santos is dating a vampire--except vampirism in this world is a genetic disorder that causes blood cravings, super healing abilities and sensitivity to sun. There are no sharp fangs and a judicious application of sunblock is all the vampires need to stay healthy and happy.

We learn that Milagro accidentally became infected with the disorder in the previous novel and not only has she survived the infection (which is a very rare occurrence) but she's gained some special abilities as well. Needless to say, these abilities attract the attention of the wrong kind of vampires and Milagro must fight to stay out of their clutches.

This was such a breezy enjoyable read. Milagro is a funny sassy protagonist and the plot is transparent but not thin. You can guess what's coming a mile off but it's the cast of characters and the humor that really fuel the novel. Sure Milagro falls into traps that might as well have danger signs written all over them, but she does so more out of her sense of adventure than actual ditziness. She never becomes a weepy heroine and so even if the bad guys are obvious, it's easy to forgive. You'll find yourself chuckling with her along the way even as you hope that she really does find true happiness.
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