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Inside Out by Lauren Dane
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Nov 06, 2010

it was amazing
Read on November 06, 2010

First, let me say I have loved each of the books in this series. These people are so real, so vibrantly drawn, I feel like I know them. Unlike some series by other authors, the characters from the previous books don't have personality transplants when they transition from primary to secondary players.

Cope has been attracted to Ella since the first time he saw her. (He even remembers the date, which made me go "aww, so sweet") Ella has traveled a hard, painful road to achieve her goals and to be independant. She is making great strides in the recovery process when Cope decides to finally make his move. When he starts to court her, she is flattered and yet, unsure she is reading him correctly. Several members of "the group" assure her she is not misreading the signals Cope is throwing out.

Cope sees Ella as very possibly being THE ONE. We know that from the very start. He is head over heels, she hangs the moon, in love. He is so afraid of rushing her and scaring her off. He completely loses his cool factor when she is near. He finds himself unsure how to proceed because he has never been with anyone who mattered to him before. Watching him woo her is so sweet and is like foreplay. He is enjoying savoring the wait. When they finally get together, it is very satisfying.

Ella can't believe Andrew, as she calls him, wants her. She doesn't see herself as being someone who would attract an Andrew. She thinks she's clumsy, he loves watching her walk because he thinks she's the most graceful thing he's ever seen. She hates her freckles; he is fascinated by them.

There is a reason Cope has 3 distinct names throughout the book. He is, by turns, Andy, Andrew and Cope, depending on who he is with. The little brother, the deeply thoughtful lover, and the easy going friend. Ella gets that and urges him to show his depths to their friends. Cope is a fixer, the one you can count on to help you move or pick up a pizza. He is there for all of his friends, but is reluctant to share himself, the things that matter to him, for fear of rejection. Cope is not one to open himself up to pain.

Ella is strong, so determined to overcome her past. She is loving and invested in the friendships she has formed with the group. She, too, is a fixer. When she mentions her brother has sent her a letter filled with little momentos, Andrew surprises her by doing the same. I loved the letters and how they played into Ella and Andrew's relationship. Ella just melts for this wonderful, multi-faceted man. She gets a little irritated with their friends for taking Cope for granted, and for not giving him the same level of support that he offers to them. Watching her take up for him to his family and their friends is heartwarming and amusing. Cope is kind of horrified, at first, that she feels the need to stand up for him. Too cute.

Ella and Andrew make so much sense together. The pace of the story was perfect, and everything in the book worked for me. I feel more like I am watching a movie rather than reading pages when I read one of Lauren Dane's books, I can see it so clearly in my mind. She writes narrative as if she is talking to you, and her style works for me. I am anxiously waiting for Adrian's book.

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