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The Cross of Lead by Avi
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Nov 03, 2010

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Crispin: The Cross of Lead was an okay book. I do not particularly like books that are Historical Fiction, but I could definitely see how young boys could really find this book interesting. It was about a 13-year-old peasant boy named Crispin. The story took place in the 1300’s in England. Because he had been a peasant his whole life, Crispin had never really seen much of anything except his own village. The story starts off with his mother passing away, and Crispin is left all by himself. He is then falsely accused of stealing and John Aycliffe ordered that Crispin be killed. Crispin goes to the only person that is left in his life, the priest of his village. The priest gives Crispin this cross with writing on it revealing the true identity of Crispin’s father. The priest was murdered by the antagonist’s (John Aycliffe) men, and Crispin flees the village. Crispin then sees many different things outside of his village. Because Crispin has lived in the village his whole life, all of these things are new to him. A big turning point in the story is when Crispin meets a jester and secret spy for the revolution named Bear, and he allows him to be his servant. They find out that Lord Fluvial (his village’s owner) has died. Most of the book Crispin is being chased by John Aycliffe. Crispin and Bear develop a father-son relationship, and Crispin feels that he owes a lot to him because Bear teaches him a lot of different things. In the end, Crispin finds out his father was Lord Fluvial, and that his wife wanted Crispin dead so that he does not try to get their fortune. Crispin and Bear end up killing John Aycliffe, and Crispin escapes murder.
This book was probably the best historical fiction book I have ever read, so that says a lot for it. I think that when I am a teacher, I would strongly encourage my male students (and even female students) to read this. Like I mentioned, I was not in love with the book, but I could see how someone else might be.


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