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Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jan 02, 2015

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Carolina LOL, don't worry. That happens XD. And I've heard that too, but I couldn't let it go since the first books have very good reviews. Too tempting to let them pass, but since I know they WILL end up that bad, I'll just stop somewhere and that's it. =P

Carolina Hahahaha! Well, I was like that, but I've started to read some series that are just TOO annoying to finish. So, when I feel like there's no hope, I just quit. Crappy endings are not worth my time =P

Carolina LMAO! Well, keep it positive: it can't get any worse, can it? LOL Just hope for tiny moments of wisdom or laughter every now and then ;)

Carolina XD! That deff works too! I certainly enjoy your reviews. December was so freakin' busy for me I didn't have much time to finish my books (shame on me, I know), but now I'm looking forward to advance a lot on my reading! I'll probably check some of your reviews to know what to read next ;)

Carolina Nope, on my to-read-next list since now ;) Guess the title says it all! LOL.

Carolina "How to marry a millionaire vampire?" LMFAO!!
But wait, aren't they all rich? =P I mean, I have never, ever read about a broke vamp! They always get their way with their wit and their charm. Did you make a review for that one? 'Cuz now I'm genuinely curious to find out what is it about XD

Kat Kennedy Please stop before you get to the beastiality gang-bangs performed in front of group spectators.

Just promise me...

Spider the Doof Warrior Yeah, you might want to stop after Narcissus in Chains otherwise you'll want brain bleach by the gallons.

Kat Kennedy I think if vampires were real - that they wouldn't necessarily be rich.

People assume that if they just had a longer life, they would be rich. After all, think about all the TIME you would have to amass this wealth. However, most people are lazy, poor planners with little forsight for tomorrow when it comes to amassing wealth.

They'd probably do the same thing they did when alive - spend most of their paycheck at a bar while trying to hook up.

Also, why would wealth be interesting to vampires? What use is it really when they live off blood. Freely available, walking, talking happy meals everywhere.

message 10: by Kat Kennedy (last edited Jan 03, 2011 02:34PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Kat Kennedy Yeah, but have you ever seen the studies on biological and mental factors that actually KEEP people poor? The average person's mind isn't actually hardwired to store massive amounts of wealth.

That's why there's such a small population of rich people.

Take this for example. How often do you make 401K (Your version of super payments for when you get old, right?) contributions? If you are in your twenties and you put in a thousand dollars this year, then when you're sixty, due to interest, it will have amassed to a sum that (depending on interest rates and institutions) is usually ten times that. Make the same contribution when you're forty and the interest will only triple that amount. Basically, you're burning daylight on your retirement fund.

Yet how many people in their twenties make voluntary contributions? No, they live in the now and they'd rather spend in the now because even though rationally they know that it's much better in the long run to invest the money now, their brains are telling them that saving up for the new blu-ray player is more important.

How many people save thirty percent of their paychecks reliably, every week, and invest it? That's what it takes to get rich. Most people spend more than their weekly paycheck without realizing it and end up in terrible financial trouble. You are in the minority if you even save ten percent of each paycheck - and most people will later spend that 10 percent on items that don't hold their value like wide screen TVS.

Pfft. Rich vampires! Okay, maybe there'd be a few! But most likely, the majority are bums with out-of-date skillsets like blacksmithing, who rely on raiding the pockets and wallets of their victims and hoping the hobos don't taste too much like piss.

Kat Kennedy vampires occupy a significant portion of my life and their popular portrayal as being rich always bothered me.


Okay, I'll go away now.

message 12: by Scribble (new)

Scribble Orca One minor flaw but insignificant - people in their twenties are not usually earning the salaries they receive when they are forty.

So I would think that the age at which a person was transformed/did transform (erm....what's the correct grammatical lingo here, someone?) into a blood-sucking immortal humanoid and continued at that salary, they would have a reasonable chance of amassing a significant sum.

Unless they gave up their day job, of course.

Kat Kennedy GN, that's true but being someone in their twenties, I can assure you that the saving habits of my peers are horrible. Even if you're earning a low salary, you should at least be permanently putting aside 10% (on top of super) for your retirement.

Even when you earn much higher wages at a later age, the earning potential of those investments with only a limited time to blossom, are lacklustre in comparison to the fruit made from investing early.

Sam, I once read a BRILLIANT story about a woman who falls inlove with a homeless man in his twenties. He has deep psychological problems that require a great deal of counselling but his love for her is beautiful. I never thought I could find a hobo romance interesting or sustaining but - actually, it's possible. It just takes more work.

Kat Kennedy He was a normal hobo. He'd been a teen who'd outgrown the foster system and had nothing, wound up on the streets.

*cough* erm... well, it WAS brilliantly written and highly acclaimed and really opened my eyes to the portrayal of love in stories but it was also... *cough* fanfiction *cough*

message 15: by Scribble (last edited Jan 03, 2011 03:16PM) (new)

Scribble Orca Kat wrote: "Even when you earn much higher wages at a later age, the earning potential of those investments with only a limited time to blossom, are lacklustre in comparison to the fruit made from investing early."

This is not exactly encouraging me to start saving. If the amount accumulated is going to be peanuts, I may just as just be a hobo, vampiric or otherwise.

Kat Kennedy LOL. It's never too late to start saving, GN. It's just that you miss out on the magical benefits of compound interest. Ahhhhh compound interest thou art a monster and a god!

Carolina Whoa... I came in late to this party. Thanks for the heads up Kat and Synesthesia!

@Sam: I already read your review. Will totally read!

"vampires occupy a significant portion of my life and their popular portrayal as being rich always bothered me."
Thanks Kat! You've made your point clear. I guess I'll never see Vamps as walking banks anymore. LOL.

Carolina Cool! Now, I gotta tune out of the computer and resume my reading if I want to start reading that book anytime soon. FINISHING the books I'm currently reading is one of my resolutions of this year... and I've never been so lazy reading everrrrr!! What's wrong with meee!!?? U_U

Carolina LOL! I used to complain a lot that I didn't have enough books to read, and probably because of my whining, I ended up getting tons of book gifts! (Yay! So cool, right?) Thing is, now my bookcase has FILLED UP so much I might need to expand it 'cuz I dunno where to put all these books and I feel overwhelmed by the amount of books pending to read U_U

Carolina LOL! I am a book shopaholic... so I promised myself I won't buy any books at all (OH, THE PAIN!) until I'm finished with those in my bookcase, AND on top of my tv, AND in my closet, AND in my desk. LMAO!

Carolina Hahaha! Definitely good fortune! Books are the best investment! I would probably lose my mind -or most likely all my money- if I lived in the US. Now that I think about it, I should totally move there... lol

Spider the Doof Warrior Folks could always give me their books they don't want.
Even if they are stupid books...

I really like books, especially hardcover ones.

Carolina Synesthesia wrote: "Folks could always give me their books they don't want.
Even if they are stupid books...

I really like books, especially hardcover ones."

Same here! But sadly, most of my books are paperbacks.
I am PRETTY lucky 'cuz most of my friends love to read too, and the greatest part is that we all have different favorite genres, so we read "our" kind of books and then swap =).

Sam *Black Velvet* wrote: "My family doesn't understand why I love to buy books. Especially my dad. He asked me a few days ago why I don't just throw them away to make room for more if I love to buy them so much. Basically, I just stared at him without blinking then turned away. LOL."

LOL!! Well, that's too bad! =P In my case, both of my parents like to read, but only my dad and I are avid readers. He's got a very nice collection of books that I OBVIOUSLY get hold of every chance I get.
But my brother and sister (ages 17 and 19) are two special beings that probably don't know what a paragraph is. The only thing they read is SUBTITLES in some movies XD. I try to encourage them... but so far it's been a lost cause =(.

Carolina Oops! So sorry! I got lost =P. My mom's the exact same thing! And Kudos for your grandma!! Wow. I want to be like her when I grow up! LOL!

Carolina A month? LMAO! XD But you know what? They got retirement money and TIME... Hooray for grandmas! XD

Carolina I can do that -reading 5 or 6 a week, that is- but only for a week in a month (if I have the time) 'cuz I lose lots of sleep-time for reading (not that I mind) but it tires me out! =S

Carolina *totally agrees* LOL

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