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Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh
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*Pride & Prejudice* in Mary Balogh's Sexy Version

For me this is Historical Regency at her best...Haughty, austere Duke of Bewcastle got his *opposite attract* the fun sunshine Christine Derrick.

I had fall in love with Wulfric Bedwyn (the Duke) & his *silver* eyes from his first introducing in "A Summer to Remember" and continue in "Slightly Married" (Aidan's Story)...

and FOILA!! the story of Wulfric is not dissapointing, it is gorgeous. I can't stop reading it till finish, but if you wanna have a full *sense* of how dour & *freezing* is our Duke, you have to read at least the above books I mentioned.

If you like Pride & Prejudice, especially love Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth, perhaps you have to try this one. Ofcourse this is more sexy, coz not only *kissing scene* ^^, but also a hot love scene... ( truly speaking, I'm hot for their first encounter..:))

So, this book is my keeper, a keeper forever, I mean I will put this book in my own *museum* be read again and again ...

Thanks Ms. Balogh!! You have such a brilliant idea to make another twin of Mr. Darcy!!

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Reading Progress

03/29/2011 page 50
14.0% "whew! another Pride & Prejudice premise...which I lovveee! But I felt more attached with Wulfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle !Hahaha"
03/30/2011 page 163
45.0% "one of the best love-scene I've ever read..."
04/04/2011 page 300
82.0% "Wow!! Incredible..."

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Lucie "a heart so wild" hahaha Himiii!! seneng deh kalo Himi juga suka Slightly Married...berarti kita sama...ak sdh mulai jatuh cinta tuh ama Wulf...OooHH! Baca 1 lagi seri yg lain, jd lbh geregetan sblm bc Slightly Dangerous...hehe^^

Lucie "a heart so wild" ak sih ngak bc urut Himi, cerita yg laen not as good as Slightly Married, tp tergantung selera sih.

Ak cuman baca : A Summer to Remember, Slightly Married, adik Wulf yg pirang tuh dan Freya. hehe^^

Lucie "a heart so wild" Ngak lah Himii...boleh dicoba dulu...Jgn begitu sayang, biar makin cinta ama Wulf, harus rela baca yg lainnya...demi Wulf si Duke yang angkuh..hehe...

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