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TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow
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Nov 02, 2010

it was amazing

In the year 1912, 16 year old Liam O'Connor is a steward onboard the Titanic as it is about to plunge to the frozen ocean depths. 19 year old Madeline is approached midflight with a warning that the plane she is on in the year 2011, is about to crash. 13 year old Saleena, trapped in a burning building, was about to die a horrible death in a fire in 2066. All three of these teenagers are miraculously plucked from death by a mysterious time traveler from the future named Foster. Rescuing them at the imminent time of their individual fatal accidents that would have killed them, Foster reaches out and fetches them, bringing them to New York City in the year 2001. After their initial shock subsides Foster informs them that in the future the advanced technology of time travel has been perfected, and that there are sinister forces at work playing with time and wreaking havoc with history.

Sal, Maddy and Liam have been chosen for a Time Rider Team, selected for their individual talents and skills to work with the organization now for the benefit of future mankind. Sal is excellent at pattern recognition, Maddy is a computer whiz, and Liam is an excellent espionage operative. Together, the trio, with the added help of a half human half robot support unit called Bob, must learn to recognize time shifts, locate the point and place in time that is being messed with, and then go back and fix it.

This Science Fiction debut novel by Alex Scarrow was outstanding!! His plot and story outline use a very clever new concept for fictional time travel, his characters are very real and endearing, there's lots of action, suspense, and some very funny humor to boot. I absolutely loved this first book in Scarrow's new series and eagerly await the second installment. For fans of Time Travel stories, this is a cut above the rest and very different. Two thumbs up for creativity and great entertainment.
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