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Nov 02, 10

Read in October, 2010

** spoiler alert ** The book I read was Played by Dana Davidson. I choose this book because it was funny and because books that have to do with gangs makes it interesting and it makes it exciting and it is funny how in some ways they are like gangs in real life and not the way there are in real life. This book is realistic fiction and that means that it has to do with life but it is not a true story. The setting is not said but it is in a town. There are two main charters. The first one is Ian and he is a guy that wants to be in the best gang in school he is a tall dark skinned guy with hazel eyes. The second character is a girl named kylie who is a tall, plain faced girl how is a nobody with only two friends she is browned skinned and dark brown eyes. In this story Ian goes to a dance where his so called friends dare him to get Kylie to have sex with him and he also has to make her fall in love with him. When he gets to know Kylie he ends up falling for her and she starts to fall for him. One day kylie and him spend all day together and when the go back to his house kylie and Ian have sex and than he writes her a letter and she writes one back but he lets his so called friends read it and than a girl reads in out loud and kylie finds out about it and Ian says that he does like her and it is over between them and kylie hates him and he loves her. After he tells the gang he is out he tries to get Kylie back and he finds out that she still loves him and in the end he gets Kylie back and everything is fine. The problem is that he hurts her and he wants her back after he does and he wishes that his so called friends would have not made that bet with him. The problem is resolved by him quiting the gang and be showing Kylie that is does like and love her. My opinion is that if you like a book that is funny and you like a book about gangs I would choose this one. One of the reasons I think this book is good because it is a book that I think people would like and would want to read again and again.
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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer 300/500

message 2: by Tia (new)

Tia Gordon Great summary of the whole book ! In my opinion, the group Ian is apart of is more of a clique. I wouldn't necessarily call it a gang because it implies violent activity and their group is just made up of some of the cutest and coolest upperclassmen. He takes this dare to become apart of this group and if isn't met, he will be denied a member. The letter was only written so they can have tangible proof he and Kylie had sex. He falls in love because she is different, he can be his self around her and he finds she is easier to talk to. It's unfortunate that Kylie gave up something special and was treated badly in return. To redeem his self, Ian dismissed himself from the group because he loved her and wanted to be with her, but he couldn't do that as a member. You mentioned these things in your comment so I just went in-depth to elaborate on these important events.

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