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Fat Cat by Robin Brande
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Jun 08, 2012

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Cat has been both looking forward to and dreading the first day of her science class. Cat is in an advanced science class that requires the students to spend the entire school year on one project. The project must be inspired by a random photograph provided by Mr. Fizer, the science teacher. Cat hopes for something bug-related since she spent her summer analyzing the creepy crawlies. Her wish does not come true as the picture Cat was randomly assigned could not have been more different. Cat has nine months to work on a project inspired by hominins, the oldest people ever recorded in history. While examining the picture, Cat realizes a trend in each of the people depicted; all of them are thin and muscular, not at all like herself who was a bit overweight. It was then that Cat discovered her project. Using herself as the test subject, Cat is going to prove that the hominins were healthier than people today based on their diet and their everyday activities.

At first Cat just gave up all processed food, eating only organically grown foods. Soon she realized other goodies, like sugar, were not available to hominins so that had to go. Cat had to develop her own meals and cook everything herself. Also, hominins did not have TV, cars, cell phones, and computers so all of that was expelled from Cat’s life, except for emergencies or homework purposes. It was hard, but with the support of her family and her best friend, Cat was able to pull it off. As the project continued, Cat began to feel more energized and shed the extra pounds that she was so concerned about before the project began. Cat even started to get the attention of boys who never paid attention to her before. She also gained unwanted attention as a result of her transformation. Matt, her old best friend, is now trying to talk to her and push his way back into her life. Is Cat’s transformation extreme enough to let go of old grudges?

Ugly duckling Cat takes control of her life and transforms into a better, self-assured girl. Fat Cat contains a majority of the significant high school problems such as self-image, relationships, and maturity. Cat is a wonderfully 3 dimensional example of an average teen. It’s fun yet secretly educational.
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