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Remote, Volume 1 by Seimaru Amagi
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Oct 29, 2010

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Read in May, 2008

Let me be the first to say that I don't mind fanservice. While I'm not the target audience for it, I could really care less if the artist were to include it in the manga. Fanservice sells manga. However, this series tends to push the fanservice meter up past the normal levels into extreme levels of panty & ecchi shots. While it still didn't stop me from enjoying the series, at more than one point I remember shaking my head & saying "enough already! She wears panties, I get it!" While with some series that's all that carries the plotline, Remote truly doesn't need that extra boost. The plotlines are incredibly well thought out & while the characters are initially somewhat annoying (especially Kurumi), you quickly grow to like them as they mature through the series. Some readers may not be as fond of the artwork (it's not very polished or extremely detailed), the speedy style gets the job done & fits the gritty storylines. To be honest, if the plotline for this wasn't so darn good I would've only given this series about 2 stars. It's the good plotting that saves this series.

Now onto the actual plotline. The story surrounds a young policewoman (Kurumi) who has been given the task of "babysitting" a young inspector (Himuro). Himuro would be the perfect inspector, but for two small problems: he is as emotionless as a toaster & he refuses to leave the basement of his house. Using Kurumi as a go-between, they solve all of the crimes that cross their paths.

The setup for this is rather like a more adult "Case Closed" or a more risque "Kindaichi Chronicles", so I would recommend this to fans of those series. However, if the reader is easily offended, underage, or doesn't want to view endless pantyshots, they may be better off reading a different series.
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