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Demons Are a Ghoul's Best Friend by Victoria Laurie
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Oct 29, 10

Read in November, 2008

I picked this book up after reading the first book in the series & was eager to learn more about my favorite characters. While I enjoyed this book thoroughly, there were a few parts to the book that had my eyes rolling at times.

This current book finds MJ being recruited by Teeko to hunt down a psychotic ghost by the name of "Hatchet Jack" that haunts the ultra priviledged school that her niece attends. Along for the ride are her teammates Gilley (old friend) & Steven (the love interest). The only bad thing is that while everyone knows about the ghost, no one wants to speak about it!

OK. I did enjoy this book, but there were some rough parts to it. I got a little creeped out at times by Steven, who at one point climbs into her bed & starts trying to paw her while she was sleeping. While I'm sure that's not how the author meant it to appear like, it made Steven seem like a creepy letch who likes to climb into unconcious women's beds. There are better ways to have romantic development... The other thing that bothered me was the constant need to have showy developments of power whenever anyone disbelieved MJ. While it's cool at first, it eventually seems a little farfetched that she's that psychic all the time or that every disbeliever has a family or friend who is trying to contact them from the world beyond. Gilley irritated me at times, but he's not completely unbelievable as I've known quite a few people who are like him.

Even so, I still enjoyed the book, flaws & all. It's not particularly deep writing, but then I doubt that any of her readers are really looking for Tolstoy in a book entitled "Demons are a Ghoul's Best Friend".
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Tammy I completely agree with you about Steven, that was weird and creepy!

Chibineko It's even more creepy looking back on it now. Steven is pretty much the epitome of how stereotyping can be harmful. Europeans do have a more open minded, cosmopolitan view about sex and the human body in general, they're not all lust filled creatures that view any situation as an opportunity for a sex romp. They're not puritans necessarily (although some are) but they do have "personal space" and would be just as likely to view Steven as a potential rapist.

It reminds me of an essay I read once, The Myth of the Latin Woman. I think I read it for class and essentially it talked about how everyone assumed that because she was Latina, that she fit the stereotype and that she'd have a high sex drive and so on.

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