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Sara, Book 3 by Esther Hicks
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Oct 29, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: must-read-woo, best-of-woo, esther-and-jerry-hicks

I wish I would have read this one at the beginning of my coming to understand the alleged Law of Attraction. In the book, I learned that Law of Attraction isn't a magic fix to everything. In fact, there are some things that even if I don't want them to happen, they are going to. Ask Sara about how she's gonna get the workers to not reconstruct the old bridge. She has to give up on that one, but she is able to use her positive thinking to help nudge things in her favor in other areas (I won't give any spoilers). Solomon told Sara that she could be, do, or have anything, but convinces her there are some things she just needs to let go of. But the whole reason I was buying into this Law of Attraction woo was so that I could get the things I wanted. At least, that's what the marketing behind it led me to believe. But this book made it very clear that whether you know about this mystical law or not, you're screwed. Because happy as you may get, you're gonna get dragged down. And then you get happy again, and something else bad will happen and your life becomes this constant process of trying to clean up all the bad things that are happening, like you are chasing after positive thoughts while the world is collapsing around you. Trust me, I read all three of these books, and there was a crisis in each one. The moral of the story? Law of Attraction or not, life's hard. Throughout the book, Sara, Seth, and their new friend Angela struggle as they continue to learn about the Law of Attraction and how to apply it in their lives. Fortunately, their chance experience with the all-knowing Solomon adds some magical flavor, but the practicality of their lives remains the same. This is much like the Law of Attraction being used in our own lives. It is a magical thought, but in the end, we still have to cope with the reality of our lives. And as much as we may go off and fly in our minds as we read these sorts of books, the moment we set them down, we are grounded again. What a beautiful illusion of a world Esther and Jerry Hicks have created in their materials. Alas, in the end, it is just as real as little Sara.

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