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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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Oct 29, 2010

it was amazing
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Uh, I'll start this review off with what I wrote on goodreads as soon as I finished.

If you thought Delirium was great you will be blown away by Pandemonium. I wish I had the next book. OMG. I want to both cry and scream right now.....

Why, why, why did I read this so soon? LOL

I had a feeling it was going to end like that but to actually have it happen is going to drive me nuts now since I don't have the next book.


So, that was my initial thoughts when I updated my goodreads status.

Do I still feel that way? Yes, Yes, Yes.

We start off in the Now part of the book. For 2 pages, than we are thrown into the Than part. Confused yet?

We are reunited with Lena. She has escaped to the Wild's without Alex. Oh, I'm sure you remember that dreadful ending in Delirium and Alex is still nowhere in sight. Lena suspects he's dead even though she doesn't want to say it out loud. She imagines he's still with her and goes out on her own.

She ends up being on her own for a few days until a group of others come across her and take her in, nursing her back to life. Let me tell you about my favorite characters. There is Raven, who seems to be a few years younger than Lena, but has become one of the leaders of the group and takes care of everything. Than there is Blue, who is just a little girl. I really liked Blue but she reminded Lena too much of Grace. Next up is Hunter. Hunter's a sweet guy who is friendly to Lena from the start. Than there is Tack. Tack is independent, strong willed, and tough. He always has a scowl on his face. Of course, there are many more characters but these are just a few of my favorites.

Lena survives in the wild with the group for a while. She learns to get supplies, learns to wash clothes by hand, to carry water buckets, how to cook, the whole nine yards. She does what she must to survive and stay a part of their group.

Than we are thrust into a whole other world. The future tense. What is happening NOW. Lena is working with Raven to take down the DFA. They are the ones who want everyone to be cured. We meet Julian right away. He is the son of the person who thinks love must be cured. He is due to have his procedure soon.

Lena and Julian end up getting captured during one of the meetings and thrown in a room together. They spend days in that room, getting to know each other slowly and awkwardly. They think they have nothing in common at first except that she has been cured (she lies) and he is to be cured soon. He wants to know what it will feel like, will all temptations be taken away? Will he feel like a different person?

Lena and Julian end up escaping and make their journey to find Raven and Tack. In the process, Julian is taken back by his father, and set to have his procedure. Of course Lena doesn't think its right to make him have this procedure. He should have a choice, a real choice.

Well, I don't want to give away anymore spoilers. That was already a few and I didn't want to give away any!

Do we ever see Alex again? Let me just say this, the information we find out about Alex and Lena's mom is insane. It was crazy intense. This whole book was so great. It was full of action, fast paced, and just a wonderful story. I wish I had the third book now.

The Than and Now back and forth chapters were a little confusing at first, but I got right into it. The bad thing is, I didn't like skipping back and forth because Oliver pulls you into one than you want to know what happens in that situation, than your thrust into the other situation. I'm sure that was her point, but I was on pins and needles the whole book. (Which is a good thing HAHA)

I loved Delirium and I was left crying at the end. I loved Pandemonium even more, and I was left wanting to cry but at the same time, wanting to tell her how genius she is!

For all you Alex fans out there, you won't be completely disappointed however you won't be happy either. I was totally in love with Alex but throw another guy in the mix, and I'm as confused as ever. Love Triangle anyone?

Overall: Oh My Gosh. I absolutely loved it. Can I marry this book? This was one of my favorite books I've read of 2011!!!

Cover: Really like it. Delirium had a cool cover, but so does this one.

What I'd Give It: 5/5 Cupcakes

Review Based On Hardcover Edition

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message 1: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna Is there a lot of Alex?!?!?!

Princess Bookie Sadly No. He didn't make it across remember? At the end of Delirium?

message 3: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna Ohhh, woops. I wasn't actually completely sure if he died or not, but I guess he did... My life is ruined now :(

message 4: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna Oh ya I knew he didn't make it across, I just wasn't so sure as to whether he died or not.... now I know

Princess Bookie Your life is ruined? LOL. a lot of twists and turns in this one, and its not all bad.

message 6: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna Well, my life apparently died so now I have to pick another hot guy character to gush over. AND YA, I was not implying that this book was going to be bad, it's just going to be sad without Alex around ;( LOL

Princess Bookie It was such a good book.

Princess Bookie I know how that is with guys. I fall for so many book guys. lol

message 9: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna Ya same here! Did you read Hush, Hush, because I am obsessed with Patch/Jev!!

Princess Bookie Nope, have not read it yet.

message 11: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna I enjoyed it very much, and I loved Alex almost as much as Patch (ya I liked it that much)

Laura Kreitzer I've decided not to read this series until all the books are out. I'm glad book two didn't disappoint. It's a good sign. :D

message 13: by Valerie (new) - added it

Valerie after reading this book, do you think it gives us the start of a love triangle or not?

message 14: by Jen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen Oh yeah!!! LOVED the end!

Emily Piazza How did you guys read the this book it isn't out yet :( is Alex really dead like forever cuz I think mine is then to

Princess Bookie I read it on the arc tour site:

message 17: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne Love Triangle? Really? I like love triangles and all, but I'm kinda getting tired of them. I am totally in love with Alex and if Lena has the nerve to find any other guy attractive, I will find some sort of way to kill her.;) haha, just kidding. But I really was hoping Lauren Oliver would be above the whole love triangle thing. But I'm still dying to read it!

message 18: by ajia (new) - rated it 5 stars

ajia is alex alive or any hint that he might be? i love him soooooo much i was devastated when he got shot :(

Emily Piazza I no latterly cried I hope he's at least in the crypts or something or that he got cured he just has to be alive

Original Doll (Lea Martinuš) I felt that same way when i finished the book!!!! :)

Tiffany I totally agree with you about this book. Amazing better than delirium yet frustrating too. I cried twice.

Original Doll (Lea Martinuš) I know.... Can't wait for 3rd part.......

message 23: by Anya (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anya Oh my giddy god! pls i NEED to know. WHAT HAPPENS WITH ALEX? Do they make it?? pls pls pls tell me. (sorry for acting desperate)

Original Doll (Lea Martinuš) rather not.... u dont wanna spoil the book, believe me ;)

Bethany (endpages) OMG Your review. Exactly how I feel right now!!! I just finished the book. I'm so regretting I read it now when the 3rd book will be out a year from now!! Alex literally just said three words in this book "Don't believe her." What does that even mean? Gosh, and Juliaaan.

Carla Yeah same here. I don't wanna have to wait one more year to find out what is going to happen with Lena and Alex, and since he's not in this book and I already had to wait for this one and get used to it, i think i'll wait for the third. I don't want to fell that agony again. It's horrible.

Carla Oh my... Alex is pissed of with her. He must be really disapoitend with her by saying that. And i can't blame him, i would too. After all he risked everything for her, even his life.

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