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Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan
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What can I say, this series just keeps getting better. Brian K Vaughan is my new hero, up there with Gaiman, Moore, and Ellis. This guy and Bill Willingham are the two biggest things in comics right now in my opinion. And let me not forget to mention the beautiful art of Tony Harris, without which this whole series wouldn't be nearly as awesome as it is. This team is like music to my eyes and brain. This is a super-powered kind of West Wing that I love to read and feel really has something to say about our world, comics and super heroes as a genre, and is still exciting and funny all at the same time.

This second volume furthers the story of NYC ex-super hero mayor, and continues to elaborate on his current and past story. We see where Mayor Hundred's mom is at now, we see The Great Machine's arch nemesis and his possible return from the dead. In between we are treated even more ambiguity about Mayor Hundreds possible relationship situation and his over all sexual orientation, as well as friends from his past and present. All with the back drop of the city that never sleeps, and that is so amazing I'd love to visit it but couldn't stand to live there N.Y.C.

Read this book, it is amazing and I have said so. The End.

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