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The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson
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Oct 28, 10

Read in February, 2010

There seems to be a huge spurt of theme mysteries lately, but the idea for this book is rather unique enough in comparison to the others in the field. 'A tattoo artist as the main character? This should be awesome!' I thought as I eagerly purchased this at my bookstore job. It ended up not living up to all of the potential.

The book follows tattoo artist Brett as she attempts to discover what exactly happened to the fiancee of a rich & powerful man who just happened to have stopped in for a tattoo before disappearing. While attempting to avoid the bodies that seem to appear before her & trying to keep from falling to the attentions of a suave hotel manager, Brett has to put up with being constantly stalked & harassed by an unknown assailant.

I really did like this book for the most part. It was cute & there were quite a few nice mystery details thrown into the story that I really appreciated. It's just that well... there really wasn't a whole lot to really make it stand above the multitude of theme mysteries that are being poured into the marketplace. Like another reviewer here stated, it's just rather cookie cutter. I also didn't really see some of the chemistry between Brett & Simon- it just felt really forced at times. I'm really hoping that future books either develop the chemistry more or introduces a better fit for Brett.

This book was nice & while I'll be reading the next one, I just don't think I'll be snapping it up quite as quickly. It's more of a "get at the library" type of thing for me. Since this is only the first book though, I'm hopeful that future books will work out the kinks in this first book.

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