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The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
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Reviewed by Jo for Book Chick City.

The Replacement’s plot is very intriguing. In the town of Gentry, human babies are often given as tribute to the inhabitants of the town’s Underworld and as a replacement an otherworldly baby is left in its place. These babies usually sicken and die quite quickly, but our narrator, Mackie, has made it to High School. Even though Mackie has made it so far, he still is slowly dying of allergies to the world around him, and he longs to be human for as long as he can. After a classmate’s sister (another Replacement) is kidnapped by Them, he faces his origins and the creepy, dark creatures who live in the town’s Underworld to help his friend.

This book was wonderful! I really enjoyed the parallel worlds of Gentry, and the way the town people know but choose to ignore what is going on. Although never given a name, the underworld creatures seem to be Fae based on the fairy legends of changelings. I think not giving them their proper name added to their creepiness! Even though a replacement for their child, Mackie’s new parents love him, and try their best to protect him from all he is sensitive to, such as iron and consecrated ground, even though his Dad is a Pastor!

Mackie as a protagonist has a really good voice. I sympathised with his need to belong, but not sure of where he actually does belong. I think we have all felt that at some point in our life. Mackie’s friend, Tate was also a great character. After her sister is taken, she is expected to accept it and continue normally, another event to ignore. But Tate will not and she asks Mackie to help discover what is going on. I do enjoy characters that go against what is expected and together they, and their hint of romance, are very enjoyable to read.

The actual Underworld of Gentry, called Mayhem was very twisted, and dark. Deliciously so. It was really quite grotesquely beautiful in its descriptions, and I felt it was very real. The characters of Mayhem are very interesting, some are just as dark and twisty as the underworld itself, some were kind and nice.

The actual pace is quite fast after the first half, and the overall tone is quite dark and sometimes not an easy read. It really didn’t feel like a YA novel! The underlying message is one I think we can all appreciate and enjoy, that no matter who you are, we all need some love.


Part thriller, part fantasy, part romance….The Replacement really is a mix of genres which I really enjoyed. The Replacement has action, humour, very good writing style and it’s full of brilliant characters. So far it is a stand alone book, but I would love to see more of this world.
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Taneika (Flipping Through The Pages...) Thanks so much! Everytime I go to buy a new book I look at this and I'm unsure whether it'd be worth buying or not, so I'll definitely give this a shot :)

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