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Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran
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Nov 02, 2010

really liked it

This book was fascinating. The book, while a work of fiction, is based on real people in history. While I was somewhat familiar with the actual historical figures, my knowledge is limited to college courses.

The book is a semi-fictional account of Cleopatra's children with Marc Antony- twins Alexander and Cleopatra Selene. Selene and Alexander are taken to Rome against their will after Octavian, the ruler of Rome, defeats their parents, the rulers of Egypt.

The story begins when Selene and Alexander must learn how to adjust to a different way of life in Rome. Selene, a very compassionate girl, has the harder time adjusting. Even though at 15, Romans are considered an "adult", it is clear that Selene (a very young 11 at the start of the book) wants to think with her head but is often lead by her heart.

The story does not have a ton of action, or even romance. It is almost like a diary of a girl growing up and how numerous heartbreaking events in her life, she matures into a woman.

One warning- you might need a few Kleenex tissues at the end!

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50.0% "Selene is so headstrong. I like how smart she but compassionate. She came across as snobby initially but you can tell she has a tender heart!"
70.0% "Not alot happens in this book but I find the story fascinating. There is a slight mystery involved but the real story is just how Selene sees the world in Rome through her own eyes. She is a really compassionate person and you can see how the hamster wheels are turning in her head for her future and the future of the people she wants to help out."
80.0% "This book is like a drug for me. I listen to it and get completely lost in the world being described. Knowing that most of the characters are based on real historical figures makes it even better. I spent time yesterday googling many of the characters in this book. Absolutely fascinating."

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Kristy Did you read Nefertiti?? (by the same author) I've got to get going on this book, your post makes me want to read it now!!!

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead Kristy wrote: "Did you read Nefertiti?? (by the same author) I've got to get going on this book, your post makes me want to read it now!!!"

No I haven't. I've heard it is not as good, but I'm curious anyways. Did you read it and what do you think?

Kristy I enjoyed it... it took a little while to get into it, but I haven't read "Cleopatra's Daughter", so it's hard to compare.
I reviewed "Nefertiti" on here a while back, you can read my notes :)

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