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Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
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Jan 14, 2012

really liked it
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Read from August 22 to 31, 2011

I actually liked this one better than the previous two. It was probably all the politics surrounding the wolf hunt and Cole's experiments with his transformations (even though that felt more like trying to find a new high than actual science). The climax of the novel was exciting and climatic instead of petering out and leaving the reader disappointed. Although I did want to know more about what would happen with Cole and Isabel...

I still spent a lot of time angry with both Grace and Isabel's parents because they each had issues with their children that they should have been ashamed of. Isabel's parents ignored her except when she was in trouble or they needed to show her off. Grace's parents were so angry about Sam that they were certain that she had run away to be with him and wouldn't listen to her side of things. Granted her side of things was pretty unbelievable.

I really liked the cop that was introduced because he was a realistic adult even though he probably wasn't necessarily a realistic cop. He bent the rules a bit much to be believable as even a small town cop, but as a helpful adult, he was excellent.

I couldn't tell whether Grace and Sam actually slept with each other or decided to wait. Either way I don't think the on-screen action went beyond kissing, touching skin and sleeping in the same bed (even though there were totally naked humans it was more a transformation thing). Cole and Isabel are described with more heated and passionate words, but I don't remember anything more happening with them either. There was definitely some violence and drug abuse though (this time the drugs are less abused than experimented with for a cure, but some parents might not distinguish). A wolf kills another one and attempts to kill several more. Hunters shoot several wolves rather descriptively from a helicopter. There are other fights amongst the wolves but that last battle amidst the helicopter shooters was the most bloody. I don't remember many (if any) curse words. If there were, they would have been Isabel, Cole, Isabel's parents or the police. I don't think many parents would be terribly excited to have their kids talk to them the way Grace did to her parents, but if they are anything like Grace's parents then they kinda deserve it.
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