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Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Oct 25, 2010

it was ok
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Two authors collaborating on a single book can either produce something extraordinary as in the case of all the Ilona Andrews books or something truly abysmal as in the case of BLOOD TRINITY.

Oh wow is this book a mess. Two authors apparently means no editor. The writing is clunky and extremely redundant. Did these authors not communicate at all? It’s almost as if they each wrote this story and instead of editing the best parts from each into a single book, they just shuffled the scenes together so that every bit of information gets relayed twice, or even three times:

"...She'd have to come up with a believable reason for taking off to meet [name omitted] by four thirty, which was only a few hours away.

And before that she needed to come up with a reason why her aura wasn't human. Luckily [name omitted]’s phone had buzzed less than a heartbeat after his declaration that her aura didn't appear human. She had no idea what it'd been about, but it'd caused him to excuse himself and take off immediately.

She had a couple hours to come up with some way to explain her nonhuman aura." –BLOOD TRINITY pg. 218

And the whole book is like that. Worse still, it’s totally confusing. in 500+ pages the basic world is never explained. What’s a Belador? Couldn’t tell you. What’s an Alternant? Not real clear on that either. Maybe all of that got explained in the super secret novella that was released in 2008 but no where alluded to in this book?

Beyond the embarrassing writing, the book was a mess of clichéd characters and mismatched mythology. BLOOD TRINITY opens with a cool introduction and bonding between three supernatural characters: Evalle, a mutt Alterant (half Belador, half ?) and two full Beladors. I assumed theses three would be the leads in the book. Nope. Evalle is the protagonist but the other two get relegated to tiny mental phone calls and maybe one or two actual scenes. Maybe they’ll be getting their own books in this series.

I thought at least I’d get a good romance out of BLOOD TRINITY, I mean this is a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. Wrong again. The only positive thing I can say about this book is that the plot never drags. There are plenty of supernatural action scenes that inject some much needed life into this otherwise totally botched paranormal thriller. More books are planned for this series starting with EVE OF DESCTRUCTION in Fall 2011. I can only hope they get better.

Sexual Content: References to rape. Kissing.
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Maja Spot on! Saves me from writing a review :). Probably the only repetition that made me chuckle (which probably wasn't intentional)was that all male specimens 'fitted their jeans neatly'.

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