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Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman
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Oct 25, 10

Naughts and Crosses, on the cover it saws a thriller and a thriller it is. The book starts with two best friends, Callum McGregor and Persephone “Sephy” Hadley who are different race. Callum’s a Naught and Sephy is a Cross, the only thing that separates these two races is skin colour, Crosses are dark and Naughts are light and Crosses are the superior race. One day Callum is accepted into Sephy’s school, Heathcroft, which was previously a Cross only school. From here things start going down hill. Sephy and Callum meet in secret because their relationship is not publicly acceptable. As the book goes on Sephy and Callum’s love grows and so do the conflicts. Sephy and her mother are nearly caught in a terrorist bombing by the Liberation Militia which Callum’s family s linked to, which threatens the relationship that Sephy and Callum have.
The author, Malorie Blackman portrays discrimination really well, relating it the discrimination in the real world in the past. Also I noticed in her righting when the word Naught was written, the N would be lower case, although it was a proper noun meaning they were inferior compared to the Crosses. I found this book really interesting; it was a real page turner. I always wanted to read more and more to see what happens because nearly every chapter ended on somewhat of a cliff-hanger. The story is told in a first person perspective but in a different way, it shifts back and forth from Callum to Sephy between chapters. I like the way the author wrote this book because you also know exactly what’s going on and you also get to see what each character thinks. It also gets you to empathize with each character because you go through the despair that Sephy and Callum go through. There are also a lot of plot twists too, key decisions that are made by each character which trigger certain events. This book also had me asking a lot of “what if” questions, simply because these key decisions are so significant that the story wouldn’t be so thrilling to read. The book also packs in a lot of romance too in way very similar to Romeo and Juliet where a barrier (in this case, their race) prevents them from having a relationship. However this barrier never stops them from loving each other.
The characters also develop really well during the novel. Both Sephy and Callum have their own ordeals and never quite understand the other one’s problems (although Sephy is more understanding). You as a reader know everything that is going on and because of that and it always warms your heart to see Sephy and Callum, keep loving each other despite the growing conflicts around them.
Overall I think that Naughts and Crosses is wonderful book, and it always had me wanting to turn the page to find out what happened. The plot isn’t rushed at all, descriptions are detailed but not too detailed and I love the amount of romance put into it. The plot twists are always surprising and it actually almost brought a tear to my eye because of Sephy and Callum’s love.

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