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Classy by Derek Blasberg
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Dec 05, 10

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December 5, 2010

WEEKLY PROGRESS: This has been a pretty productive week in terms of reading our books. I have finally just about made it half through "Classy" and loving it more with every flip of the page. I was even able to get through a whole other crucial lesson that the author Derek Blasberg, so importantly implies.

TIME: Regarding the time i spent reading it was kind of all over the place this week, i guess due to getting back into the regular routine after the holiday's but i was still able to make it work. i found myself reading again on the bus on my way home from school or at home before i go to bed.

GOAL SETTING: My goal for this week is to again get through as much as i can of the book but to also pace myself in a manner where i still have a good grip on the book and what it is that the author is trying to teach me. More specifically though, i would like to get through two more lesson's.

METACOGNITIVE-JOURNAL: This week i'm thinking i'm going to elaborate more on my thinking through out the book and how it's varied within time. With that said, i've noticed that recently as i'm getting more depth into "Classy" and flipped more parallel pages that i almost become withdrawn from other aspects surronding. I say withdrawn because as i'm reading i get soo caught up in the book that the world around me instantly becomes irrelevant. It's a pattern that i only until now recognize. The pattern; as i'm getting more and more into a book, im become withdrawn almost leaving me feeling bittersweet because i am enjoying the book but i also feel gipped because i'm not up to speed with what is going around me. Like being left out or passed by. Left feeling like you can be doing something more productive than reading some book all night. You feel me? It's just a feeling that i'm left with sometimes. Doesn't mean that it overshadows my every book i read, because it really doesn't but it still present. Although i must say "Classy" is forever consuming, in a good way. And it may take me away from current events around me but sometimes that a good thing. In conclusion, this is just one other pattern that i've also become familiar with as i keep reading and learning through reading.

November 28, 2010

WEEKLY PROGRESS: Again, i know it's been a long time since i read this book but despite the time gap this book still go's! After a couple weeks, i still found it just as intreging as it was once before. And i am now i page 108 .. :)

TIME: Lately i've had more time to read at home and therefore this week i've done most my reading at nigth before i go to bed. Atleast 30 minutes a night for like the past few days. It's been easier to find the time so i read a good amount this week.

GOAL SETTING: My goal for next week is to possibly finish or atleast come close to finishing the rest of the book. i'm eager to finish it so i can get on already with another book i had in mind. Although i want to make sure it's not rush so i can really soak up the joy from reading a breezy book like "Classy"

META-COGNITIVE JOURNAL: Yes! Back to "Classy!" by Derek Blasberg. He is once again ever so present in my life and continues to enlighten me on the very fundamentals a classy lady portrays. Again, I must say this book is awesome. Ladies! "Classy" will change your lives, it embraces the very essence of a classy lady and how one can adopt similar qualities. Not only is it beneficial though, it's also a breeze to read. The format Derek, the author, utilizes is great because it's very fun and original. His style reflects his fun and creative edge makes reading this a joy. For example, he incorporates little jokes and pictures to make the book seem like a magazine almost. Therefore for me, when I read this book it doesn’t feel like imp reading a book assigned in class or something that I should be annotating. It feels natural, something for my own joy and benefit. The only con I can think of this book is that because it's not such a prestigious book it's easy to fall out of it. Due to the absence of feeling force to read it but if you find it really interesting like I do then this really shouldn't be an issue. Enjoy! As am i! :)

WEEKLY PROGRESS: This week i began a new book called "Classy" by Derek Blasberg and so far im in love. I've already made some progress and on page 78. I can't seem to put the book down aha

TIME: This week i've read at least two hours worth of "Classy." I believe after school when i'm on the bus is where i read the most because it does take me a long time to get home. There fore instead of listening to music on my way home i read.

GOAL-SETTING: I have a big goal this week, i want to get through at least two thirds of "Classy" because i know we're soon to get our assigned books and i don't really want to be in between two books at the same time. Just so that i can really focus on one book and enjoy as i should.

META-COGNITIVE REFLECTION: After giving the "Pretty Horses" a rightful chance i had to put it on hold and go ahead and start a new book. Although i just got off the "read a book boat" again, mind you i already had another book in mind to read. That book is called "Classy" by the infamous Derek Blasberg a professional classy guru himself, and it's fabulous! It's a breeze and easy to read compared to "Pretty Horses." So far i've been engaged and loving the book. It's just fun. I know i should challenge myself now that i've adopted reading into my life again but after this fall back over "Pretty Horses" i soon realized that i should start easy and gradually make my way to higher level books when i feel it's appropriate to do so. In addition i feel like i've learned a lot from this book, i might not be deep rich literature but it is entertaining and benefits my rule as a classy lady, which i find just as important. I've learned things like how to dress for the appropriate event and how to spot out classy from skank, which i understand some may not find relevant like guys for example but i am a female, one that takes pride in herself too. For those reasons and more i love this book and what it stands for. Despite it being silly to other's or whatever non sense those stinky boys have to say. This book is fabulous and important to all woman and i strongly recommend all who believes their "classy" should read this book and see if that's true. Can't wait to learn more from this modern classy man, Derek.

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