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Mysteria by MaryJanice Davidson
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Oct 26, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: compilations-short-stories, magic
Read from October 24 to 26, 2010

short stories...
sometimes it is pure bliss to able to read a complete story in one afternoon...
4 stories
Mortal in Mysteria by Susan Grant
A demon is banished from Hell for doing good ...and helps hamony Faithful te pastor of Mysteria and together they build a parish, something to be proud of

A Lone Wolf by Mary Janice Davidson
Werewolf baby has family killed and is raised by humans... last step mom did understamd whay he was and tries to help ... He finds love and pack in Mysteria

The witches of Mysteria by Gena Showalter
Three sisters and how they found their loves
Genevieve and Hunter (he is in love with her but he is psychic and he know that he will die if he is ever alone with her) He decides she is worth his life and they are attacked and she is not powerful enough to fight the demons(she forgets to call her sisters ... because together they are stronger) Hunter dies but the local vampire turns him and Hunter returns. The vamps take a blood suppressant pill so he does not crave blood HEA
Godiva and Romeo - one night Godiva finds a dog that has been bsdly injured in the woods near their house . She brings it home and tends its wounds and after a long time the dog begins to recover- the combined power of the three sisters helps him pull through. Godiva pets the dog and allows it to sleep in her bedroom and soon the dog is following her everywhere. Godiva is really surprise dwhen Romeo turns into a man HEA
Glory and Falon - Falon works with Hunter in the local bar. He can sense when Glory is in danger and he comes to her aid.. she is independant and does not want his hwlp initially.. then HEA
Candy cox and the Big BAd (Were)wolf by P. C. Cast - Candice is a teacher ..older then most and she is non magic.. ie magic does not work on her.
Glodiva sets a spell to awaken attraction for her in a strong male and it turns out to be Juston (local pack leader) but former student of Candice. Some merry chases and funny moments and a few regrets ... she writes poetry and he used to paint. and when he breaks her heart she writes two poems and fairies steal them and take them to Justin and he is so moved by them that he paints a picture for each and the effect on others is magic.. the feelings expressed in the poems spill over to the audience.. they get back together realising they would never be happy apart and their paintings provide income for them both.

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