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Seducing an Angel by Mary Balogh
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Obviously, I liked it better than most. I might even go as far as saying that its one of the better books in this series. But that's not too hard to do considering the 'boring' quality of the Huxtable series. This set of siblings or not at all as compelling as the Bedwyns and their HEA are much too boring. This one was no different, except I really liked the premise of a widowed and fallen heroine who searches for a protector in the angelic hero and eventually they both fall in love.

The Ton believes that Cassandra, or Lady Paget murdered her husband and now is on the lookout for another husband. She's actually looking for a protector (such as courtesans and merry widows) in the Ton's males. Unfortunately she sets her sights on the angelic Stephen Huxtable, the Earl of Merton. The problem is neither of them know how the courtesan and protector system works. Yet, they begin an affair that is actually Cassandra coldly insists is just a business affair, while Stephen has to go through the guilt of "seducing or taking advantage" of a lady. This is where things fall apart, because Cassandra sucks as a courtesan and Stephen takes everything to heart. Anyway, they still have a burning attraction between them and it leads them to kissing in public view, causing a chain of events where Cassandra and Stephen are engaged. Cassandra insists that they will not marry while Stephen earnestly pursues her hand in marriage. Along the way, they solve the death of abusive Lord Paget and allow Cassandra's companion and a servant find their own HEA.

You see, I originally liked the story, until Cassandra became a psychotic biotch after each time Cassandra and Stephen "make love". I understand that its a defense mechanism but I cannot think of any way that Stephen could fall in love with her during these times. Especially when she's older, physically not his type, and mean. I wanted to punch her numerous times because Stephen is such a sweety. Seriously, he feels guilty for things that aren't really his fault. The problem here is that MB tried to make him such a perfect gentleman by reducing his masculinity. I couldn't honestly believe he wasn't a virgin either, not that virginity is unmasculine, but he's too considerate to take advantage of a woman of any ilk. He was too nice, too forgiving, too understanding that I was waiting for him to man up and get the girl. He just waited for her to come around which was, in the end, boring.

But, it had my favorite themes, older heroine, opposite personalities, and a role-reversal scenario (female pursuer). I liked this book, but I don't believe I would read it again. So I only recommend this book to MB lovers, those who need to complete the series, and for those who enjoy a novel premise.
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message 1: by Claire (new)

Claire Now I'm a bit skeptic to start this one. I adored Stephen since the start of this series. I don't think I'll like who he's paired up with. Not being much of a prude but I was hoping he'd be paired up with someone as angelic as he is.

message 2: by Claire (new)

Claire Will this be worth the read? As you mentioned, it's been a bit of a bore. Will I be disappointed or will it suffice?

Nisha Honestly, every book in this series was lukewarm. If you aren't a hardcore MB fan, I think this would be a waste of time. I don't really know how I got myself through 4 books in the series. It's been quite a while since I read this, so I don't remember the plot very well but I all I remember is being underwhelmed by everything. Not a good sign :(

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