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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
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Nov 17, 2010

it was amazing
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Read on October 24, 2010

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Oh bleep, I honestly don't know where to begin. I could gush about this book for hours, even though I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when I first picked it up. I usually have mixed feelings about urban fantasy novels due to the abundance of cookie-cutter whiny heroines that seem to show up within the pages, but I absolutely adored Evie and the supporting characters in this book. Evie was hilarious! Every one of her lines is filled with a touch of wit, and I loved the fact that despite the un-normalcy of her life she tries to act like a regular teenage girl: she loves wearing crazy clothes, she freaks out if she misses an episode of her favorite TV show, and she wonders when she'll get her first kiss as she backhands vampires. All of this adds up to a sassy strong and endearing character with a refreshingly original story without the angst.

In addition, the romance in this novel was adorable. Lend (the love interest) is an endearing character as well, with unique powers and a mellow personality that compliments Evie's. He shows up early on in the book, after failing to successfully break into the International Paranormal Containment Agency. When caught and locked up, he and Evie become fast friends after recognizing that they have a mutual curiosity for one another. We get to see their relationship progress naturally throughout the entire book, and White really takes the time to make them get to know each other before they become a couple. I hate it when characters jump into a relationship because they fall in love at first sight, even though they know absolutely nothing about each other. Though we all wish that we could be Disney Princesses, really, how often does it happen in real life? Marriage after 48 hours is not that cool.

But I digress.

The concept of working with a global secret society was pretty interesting, and is something I haven't seen in YA urban fantasy (yet, anyway). Though we don't get to see everything that the organization does, the part of the department that we do see is well described and detailed. The technology used to contain the paranormals was grounded enough in reality so that it was easy to visualize. For example, Evie carries around a pink rhinestone tazer. Easy to picture, no? The paranormal creatures also leaned more towards the traditional side of mythology and legend, which was sort of relief when one considers the flood of literature that likes to "spice things up" when it comes to the paranormal (Not that I'm saying that that's a bad thing). Vampires don't sparkle, and werewolves just turn into monsters during the full moon. In a way--probably due to Evie's snarky comments--I felt like Paranormalcy was subtly making fun of the flood of crazy paranormal characters while fully participating in the genre. If wrong, then I give Kiersten White permission to smack me silly.

Anyway, the book ends on a sugary-sweet note, but left me wanting more. With a prophecy to address and a rouge faerie to find, I'm sad that I have to wait until next October for the second book. I swear, this has been one of the best books I've read all year.
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10/24/2010 page 104
31.0% "I'm seriously loving this book right now. Evie is hilarious, and I'm totally jealous of her sparkily pink taser."
10/24/2010 page 104
31.0% "I'm seriously loving this book right now. Evie is hilarious, and I'm totally jealous of her sparkily pink taser."

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Stacia (the 2010 club) Good to hear you liked it. I have this one on a wait list, so now you have me excited.

Kori Klinzing Paranormal fiction without angst? Le gasp! Guess I have to read it now. XD

message 3: by Kathryn (new) - added it

Kathryn Sounds great! Thanks for the excellent review.

message 4: by Emi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emi @Stacia: I can't wait to hear what you think of it! I think its a book you'll really enjoy. Evie seems to share your sense of humor. xD

@Kori: I know! Well, I guess I wasn't TOTALLY honest. There is a bit of "what am I?" angst, but its not the kind that completely cripples the character. This is the book I was going to let you borrow but then realized I had to finish writing the review. Next time I see you you can borrow it.

@Kathryn: Thank you! :)

Hillary lol You had to go there with the "Oh Bleep"

What do you think about her getting brighter without "stealing"? I'm interested if your theories match mine! :)

I'm with you on being sad having to wait an entire year. Why must authors torment us so? Do they not understand the term "Cruel and unusual punishment"? :P

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