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Everfound by Neal Shusterman
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Jun 12, 11

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Read in June, 2011

The perfect ending to a great series.

I loved this. The characters, the plot, the conclusion, the themes! All was great. The originality Shusterman produces never ceases to amaze me.

And this isn't just a story. No, it's much more. It contains emotional and physical significance... Life lessons and realizations we all must eventually learn. Although fiction, this book relates death and life after it in a whole new light. It's something we all will, we all must, experience. Something that no one, no matter what religion or scientific cult they swear by, will ever understand until they are personally faced with the tunnel. This book contained no answers to the never-ending questions we all have. It neither confirmed nor denied the existence of God, heaven and hell. No, instead it used symbolism in the form of Everlost to explore our world and its working. It used Everlost to analyze our history and its present, as well as the possible future. It used that world to associate a certain peace and unexplainable understanding with death.

Some will probably find this book shallow and bromidic, but I personally gained much from reading it. Now, mind you, the philosophy presented in these pages may just be the rantings of some biased, blockheaded author who wants nothing more than to be a international 'sensation' like Stephanie Meyer. But I don't think so. I could sense a certain amount of determination and hard work in these pages. I could feel a natural, heartfelt attempt to present plausible ideas and create a meaningful world. This series, and all of its aspects, touched me, and, in my mind, that's the one element that separates a novel from words on paper.

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