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Hush Money by Susan Bischoff
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Jan 20, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: read-in-2011, fantasy, young-adult, dystopia-post-apocalypse, e-books, abandoned
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Oh, man. Another one I'm not going to finish. But hey, at least it was free!

So, the premise didn't sound bad: some kids have superpowers, here called "talents," and the govenment wants to catch them and lock them all up in scary lab testy schools for the safety of others. It didn't sound particularly original, but it didn't sound bad. I had a LOT of problems with it though, the main one being that the two main characters, Joss and Dylan are really UNLIKABLE. They both do awful things or let awful things happen, and their reasons seem really shaky to me. I don't find either of them even remotely sympathtic. The other characters feel flat and stereotyped, and so much just feels over the top--the dialogue, characters' reactions to things, their motivations...none of it feels realistic to me. However, in addition to those major issues, I feel that the world is not set up well at all. Why do so many kids (practically everyone Joss and Dylan know) have talents? Is it like this everywhere, or is their town special? Do adults have any powers? Where did these powers come from? None of this is explained, at least in the first half of the book. And then Joss goes on and on about how terrible the state schools are, but it's all very vague and based on things that Joss heard as a child. It's just not convincing. And while Bischoff may very well answer some of these questions later in the book, at the half-way point, I just can no longer force myself to care. There's nothing holding me to this story at all, so I'm walking away from it. Lots of folks seem to have really enjoyed this one, so maybe it's just me, but...I'm done.

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