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Stargazer by Claudia Gray
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Oct 22, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: ya-fiction, vampires, paranormal

Bianca, you are the only one to blame for the two-star rating!It's all your fault!

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Claire (Cem) *sigh* I'm sad you don't like this series cause I love it lol. Oh well, can't win everytime ;)

AtenRa You have to believe me ,I tried lol But it didn't happen.The series itself doesn't have a problem in terms of plot but Bianca ruins the whole thing for me.She is just insufferable!!!
I'll definitely read Hourglass,since I have it,so maybe I'll change my mind, who knows? :)

Claire (Cem) Weird. I like Bianca quite a lot. She's not my faovurite protagonist, but I do really like her. She's pretty smart, naive but with reason, and determined. I think she's a pretty good character. It's idiots like Bella that I find insufferable lol

AtenRa I completely agree about Bella but I think that Bianca is even worse....Please don't hate me lol :D

Claire (Cem) No hating, but why? Seriously, I'm curious, what is it about Bianca that makes her worse than Bella? For you anyway ;)

AtenRa Um,well:
1.When she was "pretending" to date Balthazar,it was exactly that:not pretending.She had poor Lucas sacrificing everything for her and she more than flirted with a guy who she knew was way into her."I love Lucas of course, but I like leaning my head casually on Balthazar's broad shoulders" kinda thing.Not only that but she had the nerve to brake up with Lucas later for no reason at all!!
2.I can't stand her self-rightousness!When at first she meets Charity and she attacks Lucas, she is like "Um,I don't know if I should do anything.Poor girl,I don't even know her.I can't attack her and save the love of my life.No, that would be wrong"!
3.She is a huge drama-queen.The stand she pulled when her parents told her she was half wraith?Ugh!!!OK,sure,she was allowed to be angry because they hadn't told her this big secret but she diddn't stop and think that a.she had lied to them TONS!!! and b.whatever happened, they were her parents.They raised her and they even made a deal with a wraith so they could have her.The only thing that was on her mind was running away with her love.Yeah,very mature for a girl who claims that she is more mature than her age.Also at the end,I was not at all convinced that she was worried about what had happened to her parents after the battle at Evernight.
4.I am sure there's one other thing,but I can't remember it now :P

OK,yes.In retrospect Bianca is very similar to Bella(maybe not so much on the parent-thing).It's been so long since I read Twilight that maybe Bella's stupidity is wearing off in my mind lol :)

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