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Regression by Kathy Bell
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Oct 21, 2010

really liked it

Regression by Kathy Bell

40 year old Adya Davies has it all: a loving husband, six healthy and happy children, a Doctorate in Child Development, and the ability to stay at home and raise her children full-time. When she and her infant daughter Hope leave her parent’s house to run a quick errand on November 11, 2011, disaster strikes in the form of an out-of-control SUV aiming straight for their vehicle. When Adya wakes up in the hospital, her whole world is changed.

Adya finds herself 14 year old Adya Jordan again, in the year 1985. Nobody knows anything about her husband and children, and everyone believes her memories of her adult life are just side effects of her head injury. But Adya knows she is no normal 14 year old. She still has the knowledge and memories of her 40 year old self, and she is determined to figure out what has happened to her. She begins to keep a journal to record her memories and to give her a place to vent her frustration and confusion.

On her first day of high school, Adya is asked a question in her technology class that points her in the right direction for finding the answers she seeks: What does “11, 11, 11” mean to you? To everyone else around her, Three Eleven is the name of the largest technology company in the world. To Adya, Three Eleven is the date that her old life abruptly ended, 11/11/11. A quick phone call to the toll-free number she is given in response to her answer heralds the beginning of Adya’s new life as a Three Eleven intern, and the start of her real quest to discover what happened to her and the reasons behind its happening. She meets others like herself who have been “regressed” and have now devoted their lives to finding out why. Little do any of them know that 14 year old Adya, the only female to regress, not only holds the key to unraveling the whole mystery but is also the solution to their ultimate plight.

I really enjoyed this book. I’ve read many other time-travel books, but the story line of this one is unique. Although the book started out a bit slowly for me, I soon found myself captivated with the story, unwilling to put it down, and even wondering about it and forming conjectures of what would happen next when I was not reading it. Anyone who enjoys reading science fiction and time travel stories will find this book to be enthralling and full of surprises. It'a a great beginning to a promising trilogy, and I, for one, am eager to get my hands on Book 2, Evolussion! I give Regression 4 stars.
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