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Nov 17, 10

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Read from October 21 to 28, 2010

If you've never read Patricia Priggs, please, dear God, please don't start with this book. I love Briggs. She's one of my favorite authors. I have not read her other straight fantasy books, but her urban fantasy series are on my 'instant buy' lists. She is an amazing writer. Unfortunately, this doesn't reflect her current skill.

This was her first novel, originally written twenty (or so) years ago. In her introduction, Briggs states she did not know much about writing then. She tried to polish this story up for the re-release, without taking anything away (she admits, "...much as it sometimes pained me."). This book was re-released to prepare for its sequel's release. I also imagine there was fan demand for her original book, since it was out of print.

Masques suffers a lot from the story being told, not shown. Instead of descibing a character's illness becoming worse (wracking cough, body aches, chills, sweating), its if the illness gets worse, so-and-so will die. And that happens throughout the entire book. I was description starved.

The main character was a bit Mary Sue-ish. (If you're unsure what a Mary Sue is, follow this link .) Nothing really phased her. When her male counterpart told her about his horrible past, internally she was bothered, but she had just the right response for his confession. In fact, in pretty much every situation, she had just the right words to say. And she was incessently cheerful and playful. I like happy characters. I like funny characters. And people do joke around to lighten the mood during stressful times. But not always. There were scenes where it was just unrealistic. Or it happened too much. At some point the stress has to get to you.

And a personal pet peeve of mine: when a main character's name is similar to a Lord of the Rings charater (or any other classic literary character). I think she could have been a bit more original than Aralorn.

If this had not been written by Patricia Briggs, I probably wouldn't have finished it. I read the excerpt for the sequel, Wolfsbane, and it looks like some of my issues I mentioned are gone (except the name, she really can't change her main character's name). I will probably either buy the sequel or at least check it out at the library. Briggs is a fantastic writer now, and I look forward to what she can do with these characters with her improved skills.

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Twinkle Haha, I read this immediately after writing my own review saying how I wish this was not the first book I had read of Patricia Briggs. Impulse buys, based losely on a review you think you might have read when you are desperate for a book is never a good idea. . .

Lisa MH LOL, I've done that! But rest assured, the rest of her books are great (at least the ones I've read). :)

Kirstin I was not impressed with this book and it was also my first Patricia Briggs book. But after reading your review I will defiantly be giving her a second chance :)

Lisa MH Kirstin wrote: "I was not impressed with this book and it was also my first Patricia Briggs book. But after reading your review I will defiantly be giving her a second chance :)"

Her new stuff (well, her Urban Fantasy stuff, I still haven't read any of her other straight fantasy) is much better. She really has improved over the years. Of course, I am a sucker for UF, so I may be a bit bias. ;)

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