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Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs
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Jan 16, 08

Recommended for: no one
Read in October, 2007

I have to say that I did not enjoy reading this book at all and would not recommend it to anyone. First, it bothers me that he bases the vast majority of the books basis on a single verse. The description for this book says that Dr. Emerson has done extensive biblical research on his proposed idea of men needing respect and women needing love. However, I see very little that verifies this claim. Extensive biblical research would show Dr. Emerson’s thorough and careful exegesis of Ephesians 5:33, which would include the historical background, the verses (and even chapters) surrounding the verse, the background and point of the book of Ephesians as a whole, who wrote the book, why it was written, and who it was written for, as well as a look at the greek that the original verse was written in. That would be extensive biblical research, what Dr. Emerson did in this book, I’m afraid, is not an example of this in the least.

Tying along with that thought, I can find no sources in the back of his book where Dr. Emerson credits the work of anyone else. Pretty much the entire book is comprised of his own research and inflated with lots of inserts that he has received from readers or people who attended his seminars. While that’s very nice and all, it hardly counts as a credible source that would support his findings. On page 14 he says this:

”The insight that I finally found in Scripture, and which I later confirmed from reading scientific research…” (emphasis added)

What scientific research is this?

Who knows, he never tells us!

I find it very hard to consider Dr. Emerson’s book from an academic standpoint when he only quotes his supporters and I can find nothing that any of his colleagues or others on the same standing as himself in the subject may say about his love and respect idea.

Despite numerous other reasons for my dislike of Dr. Emerson’s book, these two reasons are enough to completely discredit the book in my mind. Beyond these two reasons it is obvious as you read the book that the entire thing appears to be a huge infomercial for his seminars and DVDs, which is terrible. I continually get the impression that I am trying to be sold something.

All in all, the book is a great advertisement and appears to be very effective in promoting Love and Respect Ministries. However, I believe anyone looking to strengthen their marriage or prepare to go into one look to other, much more credible, books. I personally suggest His Needs Her Needs by Dr. Harley.
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Andrea I completely agree with you! In addition to these problems, I take issue with his caricatures of husbands and wives. Despite his insistence, the majority of men are not emotionally stunted child-men, and the majority of women are not frail dolls whose sole purpose in life is to have children. My biggest problem is his misogyny. I got the distinct impression that if it were up to him, women's lib would have never happened. That's just my 2 cents about the book.

Joshua Olmstead With respect I say I think you misunderstood the book entirely. It's a simple concept (extremely simple actually) that once applied makes all the difference. When I first read it I realized instantly the majority of the book is testimonials of couples who came in were reveiling their hurts, try this concept and their marriage improves instantly. I saw NO indication men are stunted child-men or that women are frail dolls whose sole purpose is to have children??? Wow... didn't get the book did ya's. That's okay most people do and disagree with ya. Try reading it again...

Janique Agree with the above. The concept is so simple perhaps it's too easy to be that easy! On the women's lib thing to quote a powerful leader 'One advantage of being a woman, was that there was a basic courtesy towards us on which we could draw, something which today's feminists have largely dessipated.' The Path to Power, Margaret Thatcher (British Prime Minister 1979-1990). Who also deeply respected her husband, Dennis Thatcher.

Cheralyn Koops This book is not meant to dig into a deep philosophical understanding of marriage and historical backgrounds on the author's information gathered, it's a repetitive notion that we all need to read often and understand about each individual in a marriage. I agree, Dr. Emerson writes in a redundant form. however, he is trying to set a point for men and women. And he'll say it over and over again. Isn't he one of MANY authors who take credit for his "in depth research" when writing books? I think you are being too critical and missing the point.

Charles Watson I agree with the comment before mine. You are being critical for it's own sake. I wouldn't be surprised if all of your reviews sounded similar. I would be even less surprised if you didn't read the book at all. His ministry has has enormous affect on thousands of couples. People, like yourself, are turned off by the Biblical concept of Love and Respect and form your judgements a priori. You are in the vast minority with your mere opinion.

Michelle Irving I completely disagree. It is 100% Biblical that men need respect and women love.

Charles Watson I agree with Michelle.

message 8: by Keri (new)

Keri Amorosa I totally agree with Amber! There is no basis for the crap in this book! This is the most chauvinist book I have ever read! I couldn't even read the whole thing because it made we want to puke! Even my husband, who I read a bit to thought it was absurd and any guy that needs this much babying has serious issues! I felt like it was written for Leave it to Beaver times... Good grief come into 21st century where men and women are treated equal. I feel sorry for the wives that follow this book!

message 9: by Dawn (new) - rated it 1 star

Dawn The book polarises the genders: in so doing, it actively promotes American Christian fundamental Patriarchy suggesting men need "hierarchy". Totally agree with all your comments. Glad I'm not the only one not to like it.

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