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Where the Truth Lies by Jessica Warman
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Oct 20, 2010

did not like it
Read from October 20 to 21, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Where do I start?
So much about this book made me angry and literally sigh in frustration. I can't even remember what about this book's description drew me into it enough to put it on my 'To Read' list in the first place.
For starters, in the first part of the book (there are three) Emily meets Del--knows nothing about him!--and their first kiss is literally on page 60. Stupid, right? If you're like me, you believe in character development before anything changes. And really, readers learn little, if anything, about Del.
Second thing: Emily gets herself pregnant by page 112. WTF? That's just stupid, in my opinion. Thus begins Part Two, which is just completely stupid and will probably make you want to slam your head into the wall, like it did me. Emily is so naive that she doesn't see signs of Del's drug use, they have protection-less sex, and she's just one of the most clueless characters I've ever been introduced to in a book. She was like...stupid beyond stupid.
The entire 'summer' in the book spans one chapter. And in this summer, Emily "hides" her kid, gives birth to it, and puts it up for adoption. Yea, like someone's parents are going to let their daughter run off to New York with a girl who is, in my opinion, shady, and not even notice she's pregnant? How freaking unrealistic is that?
Another thing, what was with the cuddling? Emily and her roommates are always cuddling, which is really weird. Okay, it’s normal to cuddle with someone you're dating, but a roommate or best friend? Really sick, if you ask me. I also had a hard time figuring out why in the world Stephanie (Emily's BFF) was so...obsessed with her twin brother. It actually sickened me how weird this character was.
The whole book made me want to...I don't know, rip it in half? And the only reason I really finished it, was so I could write a review that told what happened. So, obviously, I'm not suggesting this book to anyone who believes in...well, normal situations and believable characters.
I have never read any of the author's other books, and really, I don't think I ever will. (Sorry for the hateful review...but if anything, I always speak my mind.)
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message 1: by Manon (new)

Manon Louise Your actually kinda right, I agree. I just finished the book a few days ago, but I didn't finsh the book hating it. I disliked the ending though. Anyways, I am doing a Power POint Presentation on the book for school and it's really hard to talk about the climax because there are soooo many things that happen in the book. The pregnancy, not Emily's real mother, not Emily's real father, these bizarre nightmares about water and fire... It also all happened very quick which was actually weird. I mean the author just tried putting to much in one book. Its like putting the Twilight Saga in one book, oh boy that would be a catastrophe. I wouldn't only give it one star though cause I will be honest it was a book I couldn't put down because I always wanted to know what happened next so maybe 3 stars. it was also very weird that she hid a whoooole pregnancy...:/ Very unrealistic.... I also didn't like the fact that Emily choose Ethan in the end, because I actually liked the character Del because he was like damaged goods, he needed Emily which I felt would have made a more romantic ending. He also just kinda disapeared which was kinda weird I mean come on. You can't just drop a character like that. I also thought it was weird they were cuddling all the time it did make me uncomfortable I mean it kinda had no significance to the story. You actually kinda helped me because one of the slide I have to say weather the chracters are realistic or not and if they are dynamic and I was just going to say that Emily was a very naive and iresponsible person (which are the exact words I chose to describe her) and she changed to a more mature individual but now I think I am going to explain how it wasn't really a realistic chracter and use your examples actually if you dont mind I am just not gonna say them as negatively :) Also it was a REALLY weird relationship between Steph with Ethan it creeped out through the whole book. So anyways yes I agree but it was a book I couldn't put down which is an up, right? :)

message 2: by Manon (new)

Manon Louise *it creeped ME out***

Sierra Manon wrote: "*it creeped ME out***"

Yea, well. It's been a while since I read it, but I still dislike it. I did feel the same as you, whereas I wanted to know what was going to happen. But more in a sense of 'what the hell else could possibly go wrong in this book'?
The ending was whacked, and I agree on how the author just dropped a character. So weird, right? It was strange that he kinda just...went his own way? I dunno.
Haha, that cuddling stuff freaked me out! I was wondering if maybe it was normal...but then I realized it was just weird. ;) I kept asking my friends (hypothetically) if it would be normal to get in my bed and cuddle with them, and they all looked at me like I was crazy.
Feel free to use my examples in your project. Not sure how my (sorta) negative review helps, but I'm glad there's some use to it, aside from my own ramblings.
Hopefully, since this book is a jumbled mess of stuff to write about, you have some good ideas for slides. The main character, as you said, isn't responsible, nor did she really evolve throughtout the length of the book. Thinking about it, what was the point of the book? The chick got pregnant, gave birth...where's the point of the story? Growing up? She didn't! At least not in my opinion.
Good luck with your project, whenever you turn it in. Let me know how that goes!

message 4: by Manon (new)

Manon Louise I got an A actually! Thanks to a few of your pointers in the first review. I think thats really funny that you asked your friends if they would be okay if you cuddeled up in bed with them and they looked at you like you were crazy HAHA.It was an intresting book if I do say so myself, but it is definitely NOT my top 5 favorite books. It's not even my top 15 favorite books. Thank god I have moved on to better books! I'm reading Delirium right now and it is AMAZING!

Sierra Delirium was pretty cool :) Though if memory serves, the ending upset me.
I'm glad you got an A!
Dude, sometimes my friends go, "Remember that time Sierra asked if we could cuddle..." and I'm all "I was being hypothetical!" but they still bring it up! Jeez! It's crazy!

message 6: by Manon (new)

Manon Louise HAHAHAH thats so funny haha oh no im scared to read the ending now haha

Sierra Don't be scared! I just *think* I didn't like the ending...I read it so long ago I can't remember! :)

message 8: by Manon (new)

Manon Louise i was AMAZING but seriously i felt like crying at the end i was like thinking "WTF!? ALEX what are you doing!?" haha i liked it and i am really looking forward to pandomonium!!

Sierra Ah! Me too! Too bad it doesn't come out sooner! :D

message 10: by Manon (new)

Manon Louise I know!!

Olivia I honestly did not like this book at all, but one of her other books, "Breathless" is actually pretty good.

Sierra Olivia wrote: "I honestly did not like this book at all, but one of her other books, "Breathless" is actually pretty good."

I'll have to check it out! Despite claiming I'd never read her again, I'm always willing to give authors another shot! :)
Thanks for the tip. :)

message 13: by Miss (new) - rated it 5 stars

Miss Ok. So your right about 99% of the book. But we need to ask ourseleves why we read fictional books in the first place. To escape what really happens in the real world. At least i do most of the time. And thats the 1% I like this book and keep reading it for. Its not realistic. Sometimes i wish my life wasn't so realistic. But reality just keeps slapping me in the face! So hide myself in great fictional books like this one. :)

Sierra True.
But I still hate this book.

message 15: by Manon (new)

Manon Louise As do I haha

message 16: by Lo (new) - rated it 1 star

Lo I think I saw this review on a while ago. Surprised to find it here too, but I this review captures my ideas PERFECTLY so I have to share it with people.

Whitney EXACTLY. The cuddling thing freaked me out. If my dormmates had wanted to get in my bed in their underwear and have some kind of group cuddle, I would have gotten the hell out of that dorm. To me, that was really twisted.

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