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The Healer's Keep by Victoria Hanley
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Dec 27, 2010

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Read in January, 2010

So… the book was pretty good. It’s set in a fantasy world where people can see in to the present and the future, transport themselves with their minds, walk through other people’s dreams and even feel someone’s essence simply by touching them. An interesting story that moved along pretty well, not too fast or slow. My only real problem that kept me from really fully enjoying it is that there were way too many moments in which the main characters were just too helpless. It wasn’t as frustrating as when characters make unreasonably stupid decisions… it was almost worse.

For example, there was a scene where an evil man was about to take an object of great value from one of the lead females. NOTE that there are two other lead characters in the same room, standing right next to the lead female with the object from what I gathered. So what great feat does this evil man do to wrest the object away from all three of these people? He simply walks up to her and takes it from her. Nobody stops him. And I just don’t understand it. Nobody even tries to stop him. Yes, I get that the female character was frightened and may have frozen with fear, but what about the other two, who didn’t even say anything? What the heck were they so occupied with off to the side? And then they want to spring into action after the evil man’s gone. FACEPALM

I understood that for this story, a lot of things needed to go wrong before they could start to get better, but there was just a point where it was just too much. I almost threw the book across the room.

I consider it a good thing when I book raises strong emotions in me, but not when it’s hate towards the book.

Plus the ending felt too abrupt for me.

Three stars.


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