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These Boots Are Made for Stalking by Lisi Harrison
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Oct 19, 2010

it was amazing
Read in August, 2010

** spoiler alert ** this book is about the upgrading of the pretty commitie. when the girls decide to upgrade to ninth grade crushes claire decides she doesnt want to upgrade and that she wants to same grade with her boyfriend cam but when layne and claire try to over throw the upgrading the pc takes things into there own hands. when massie invites landon and his friends over to massies lugorius spa clarie gets the birant idea to bring the 8th grade boys over when they finally arive at the block esstate the girls notice the there arival and arent to thriled about it either. when massies bronzer starts to stain her bright canary yellow bikini she starts to get rid of claire and her 8th grade friends. when massie figures out that landon has another 9th grade crush she starts to pull out the stalking boots. when massie figures out that this girl has a bird tattue on her ankle massie sets out to find her. when massie and the pretty commitee decide to go to a dog benifit she finds her target. when massie losses bark(landons dog)she finds him with ankle bird and landon totllay igornes her. so 2 days later she decides to go over to landons and spy on him. when ankle bird shows up things take a turn for the worst. she starts following ankle bird and when ankle bird regonizes her shenel number 5 she turns around and they start talking smack to each other. then when she is starts to cry they sit on the curb and talk it out. it turns out that ankle bird is going to college to be a dog thereipst. and every thing turns out to be okay. exept that massie and claire arent friends any more evry things okay and ever one turns out to be okay and claire has found her new friends turn out to be ninth graders and layne. when massie finds them all singing on claires karoke machine massie sends claire a text and it reads "IT.IS.WAR." and claire sends her back a text that reads "BRING.IT.ON."

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Deathcabforme92 you need to learn how to spell. seriously, if you're such a good reader, how is your grammar and spelling so bad? it's really disappointing.

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