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Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods by Suzanne Collins
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This book had some very sad parts as well as a pretty deep discussion about what fighting and war really mean especially after the fact. I keep having to remind myself that Gregor is only 11 at the beginning of this book, which is part of the reason that his mom objects so much to him going back to the Underland. He really does act more mature than most 11 year old I know, but he has already gone through two prophecies. I had the prophecy fairly well figured out by the time the quest reached its destination, but I was still eager for the characters to figure it out. In truth, by the time the whole truth is revealed, you don't want it to be true because it is pretty awful and sad. I still love Ripred as one of my favorite characters. He isn't quite the classic mentor to the hero, but he could be if he wasn't so grouchy and testy (which he has every reason to be and it really endears him to me). Boots is still awesome and even Temp stepped it up a bit. I did like the addition of Hazard although he didn't play much of a part until the end. Quite a bit of violence (still mostly between humans and creatures or creatures and creatures) and a bit of disgusting imagery when describing the plague victims, but no sex or language to cause issues for parents.

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