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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Oct 19, 2010

really liked it

I enjoyed this series for a number of reasons. The character development, it's slow transformation over time, was really wonderful to watch. Collins never got bogged down in the world building aspects, while still managing to pull off an epic struggle - quite an achievement.

I liked, and this is a real message to me as a writer, that it was written from a single point of view when the author could have easily justified switching view points. This made it a much stronger work (and I will take heed, for anyone who has read my books).

If I have a criticism it's early in both Book 2 and 3, where Katniss (the protagonist) isn't driving any of the action. She's entirely passive. And this wasn't really necessary. She had lots of reasons to drive the action. Now, I understand mythic structure and this could very well have been a recurring 'refusal of the call to adventure' but it wasn't necessary and was frankly boring and annoying.

Aside from that - forgivable in the scheme of things - I appreciated that there were no happy endings, resolution - yes, but not really happy. Amazing considering its popularity.

One further comment though, this series really could have done with a bit of sex. I know it's young adult but if we're reading about entrails and arrows through throats, then a little off page sex is warranted given the many appropriate opportunities for it!


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