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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Oct 18, 2010

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Review *major spoilers*
Oh my evil chiffy! Me thinks that Fitzpatrick has been kidnapped by devious Nephilims as evident by how she left me hanging at the end!

I can't quite identify what it is about this series that has me feeling at odds, but I think it is time for me to admit that I'm in an unhealthy love/hate relationship with these books. My thoughts are all over the place. On one hand, I want to praise, on the other, I want rant. The one sure thing I can say is that I'm hooked.

The build up and the mystery surrounding the Fallen Angels is quite the page turner, but I think the reason I feel so confused is because there is just so much going on in the storyline. It is overwhelming. Sure, a lot of stories/series have multiple plot twists, but something about they way it is done in Crescendo (as with hush, hush) just didn't work very well. It almost feel forced. I can't decide if this is done on purpose to add to a chilling thrill to story, in which case would be a brilliant move on the author's part, or if it is just sloppy writing. Which brings me to my next point. The characters.

Nora. Who are you? You don't know yourself. Understandable since you are just fifteen, but as a protagonist, all I can think is hot mess. In the next book, I hope to see Nora grow into herself a bit more, become more grounded. I'm not saying she has to be perfect, but I think she should at least be herself.

Patch. What am I supposed to do with you? Oye. Patch's laid back attitude is just too lax for me. Sure, he is still the very intense creepy stalker we all know and love, but he is also very nonchalant (in a very aggravating way). He pissed me off a lot. For instance, why the hell did he have to go around kissing Marcie?

Speaking of Marcie, why does she even exist as a character? The whole side story with Marcie and Nora being frienemies was so annoying. I got tired of it, quickly; and it just makes no sense. How can Nora get into a fist fight with Marcie one day and the next go to her party?

Oh, and hello, Patch! Did you really just admit to hooking up someone who you suspected to be a crazy killer with Nora's best friend?! And Nora did you really just ignore that little fact?! Poor Vee. She is the only reliable person in Nora's life, and Nora completely takes advantage of her. *hands Vee a hot dog with a lot of mustard and a cupcake*

You see, how this story inspires me to rant? Gah! Sadly, the best thing about this series are the covers. Both have been absolutely amazing, visually. I love them. The story continues with Tempest, coming Fall 2011. I really hope the new cover will have both Nora and Patch on it.

Finally, I know I really need to stop ranting about evil cliffhangers. They are all the rage these days, so I don't expect them to end anytime soon. *heavy sigh*
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Charlotte Stone I think you are totally right about the cliff hangers!!! i hate them... they are gripping but they really annoy me when the next book isnt coming out until about another years time!!! xoxo

Bobby I feel pretty much exactly the same as you; I have a love/hate relationship. There is just SOMETHING that keeps me turning page after page, but when I come to write a review I just end up sounding really snarky because there is so much meh with the good. One thing I do disagree with you on is that Patch very rarely annoyed me in this book; he can be a jerk, but it was Nora's decision that she couldn't seem to live with. It may be because I expect less from the male character however, and feel as though I should identify with the main character in some way.

Vee, I felt improved slightly this time round. She does still seem to like getting Nora into trouble, but I think Nora's learned to do that just fine by herself in Crescendo.

I *will* be reading Tempest but the cliff-hanger annoys me because it makes it feel like a compulsion more than a choice

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