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Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett
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Oct 22, 10

bookshelves: 2010, british, humor, fantasy, pratchett
Read from October 17 to 22, 2010

A new magic seeps into the Discworld, a magic that has the ability to transform reality and turn seemingly ordinary people into stars--and not the kind made of slowly exploding hydrogen either. It comes from a place called "Holy Wood," and it's got people acting very strange...

I really enjoyed this installment of the Discworld series. If you've been reading the books in order of publication, you'll know that Pratchett Terri often lets our reality slip off into the Discworld for a bit of satire, but this time it's gone off to gorge itself on a satire buffet. The whole story revolves around this mysterious new force that is giving people strange ideas, like putting lots of tiny pictures on a long strip of "octocellulose," each one just slightly different than the last... or throwing a handful of dried corn kernels into hot oil to make them explode into little bits of tasteless cardboard, then drowning them in butter... or humoring a mismatched gaggle of animals who think they can talk (who ever heard of a cat with a lisp, anyhow?)...

The only "problem" I had with this book, and a number before it, is the increasingly contrived nature of the footnotes. Perhaps I'm just a bit put off, since I'm reading these novels as ebooks, that I have to skip all the way to the end, find the number, read a short quip (sometimes only a few words long that often seem pointless as footnotes), and then get back to my place. Stanza does ease the strain a bit by providing you with forward/back arrows that work similar to those found in a web browser, so when you skip around you can hit the back arrow to get back to your place.

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