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Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Mar 16, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2011

** spoiler alert ** "I crave you more than you will ever crave the man in your arms."

Another re-read for me. I had forgotten how good this one was!!
No detective work this time, but still a lot of wonderfully entertaining problems arise. I'm just going to sum up the fun stuff and what annoyed me.

Anita has been gone for six months distancing herself from her men and spending time with Marianne in an attempt to sort things out and focus on gaining better control of her magic. When in need of assistance regarding problems with her pard, Jean-Claude and Richard are quickly brought back into the mix. While becoming reacquainted they secure their triumvirate by performing a power orgy in the middle of a BDSM club. As a result of this we are later introduced to the infamous ardeur that basically transforms Anita into a sex-crazed succubus.

Anita finds her Nimir-raj in Micah (yaaaay!). I would rather have Anita as a Nimir-ra with her leopard clan than being Lupa to the wolves. The leopards are a messed up bunch but they are much more interesting than the wolves . . . well, Jason being the exception, of course.

While I adore Micah's character, there are a few things that bothered me about him . . like how he's willing to bend to Anita's every need, making him seem almost fake, like when he was immediately ready to jump into bed with Jean-Claude because he thought that was what Anita wanted (creeeepy). The other thing that bothers me is that he is described as short, even for a woman, with long curly hair and a delicate, feminine face. It's hard for me to put that image together in my mind. Come on, he's the king of his clan so why does he have to be so girly?
I was very surprised by how jealous Jean-Claude was of Micah. I actually liked that side of him. I've always been undecided about how Jean-Claude really felt about Anita. I couldn't help but feel that he craves her power so desperately that he's more interested in how she can enhance their abilities instead of truly caring about her. But this story made me feel like he really does genuinely love her.

"He is an entree, a very, very main course, and I wish to be the only entree at your table."

Now on to Richard, our morally superior, narrow-minded, self-tormenting boy scout. He was extremely disappointing all the way around. He really pissed me off not standing up for himself or what happened to Gregory. I really wanted Anita to punch him one more time on the other side of his pretty face. I'm not even going to get started on his lame suicide attempt. The clan should have chained him to the ceiling in Chimera's newly remodeled club o' torture before they departed. He would have made a charming addition to the dangling, bloody, flesh ornaments that decorated Chimera's room.
I also didn't like how Anita handled the situation with Elizabeth. She left Nathaniel alone when she was given direct orders not to and the damage it caused was severe. So I expected Anita to react
immediately when Elizabeth appeared again but instead she allowed her to humiliate her some more in front of everyone before she took any action. That just wasn't an Anita Blake move.

Overall I love, love, loved this book. I don't know what made me decide to start re-reading this series (even though I'm doing it out of order) but I'm glad I did.

Now I'm on to more Anita Blake - the executioner, federal marshal, Nimir-ra, Lupa, Bolverk, necromancer, human servant, succubus. Am I forgetting one?
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